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comment rpm requires range
First of all Thanks Aaron, for the first question I tried but for some reason I have package from 1-59 and when I put the range in twi lines in my spec file like >=1 <50 (to test) for some reason it pulls version 19 ??? not sure why it does this, it always tries that version for some reason. For the second one I need to maintain the same package as rolling back and ford will have issues because it will thinks is a different package.
comment git concurrency errors when running multiple jenkins jobs accessing/committing the same repo
why you say i should not commit and push from jenkins? I'm doing this as jenkins is building my packages and I have in some way increase the version numbers so the next run or whatever other job that needs to know the latest can get it from the repo.
comment Get exit code 1 on Makefile if statement
Still not exit on error it continues and it sets package as undefined - undefined/SOURCES fyi the code is not inside a target