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Working as an extreme generalist, doing anything from board layout to embedded C to high-level programming to SCUBA diving. Sadly generating more questions than answers.

comment Performance of multi-table select statements
Thanks! Am I correct in assuming that the reasons to use sub-tables are both storage requirements and performance? If I effectively join every table in my system (for some reason) am I defeating the point of having multiple tables as I'm effectively building one massive one?
comment LC-3 Print string from user input
It's worth mentioning that making memorySpace 100 words long is sort of a waste when you're only expecting seven characters plus a null terminator.
comment How to count number of words in a sentence in Assembly.
You should let us know what the output is and what output you expect, as well as any tracing you've done. The simulator for the LC3 is pretty awesome for stepping through code, and will help narrow down your problem. Then, we can talk easier about the parts of the code that aren't working, rather than searching through the entire thing.
comment c++ header file for defining namespace structuring
The harm it could do is to provide incorrect documentation in the case that people do not follow it.
comment How can I determine the baud rate of my RFID reader?
What's the reader? How are you connecting it?