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I'm pretty sure I should have been a photographer or a writer, but I was a born a computer scientist. Well, technically 3/4 computer scientist and 1/4 computational linguist, but that doesn't sound any less nerdy! I must have been bad in a previous life. No point fighting it though. So, I'm a bona fide geek, with a passion for programming, technology and nifty gadgets. I dabble in writing (tech related) and photography too.

I wrote and maintain a successful series of tutorials called Getting to Grips with LaTeX, helping novice and intermediate users alike.

My day (and often night) job is running my own company, Ayr Digital. In a nutshell: a small indie outfit specialising in delivering mobile, web and desktop apps, with an emphasis in digital and educational publishing sectors. To be fair there's a lot more to it; if you're keen to know more you can always check out the site.

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