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I've been programming since the early days of dBASE III+, working in dBASE, FoxPro, Clipper, C, C++, x86 assembler, and Delphi (since version 1 was released). I also have experience with (but am in no way an expert on) SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase, and Advantage Database Server SQL database engines. I've also dabbled in various other languages and technologies such as Java development for Android, Basic4Android, Delphi Prism, C#, and others.

I've also worked in various scopes, from an independent consultant and contract programmer to being employed by a Fortune 10 company and government agencies (State and Federal).

I'm a veteran of the US Air Force, serving both in flight line operations and administrative positions for five years in locations across the US.

I co-authored a Delphi/C++Builder function and component library (Clipper Functions for Delphi, or CFD), initially starting off as a function library to ease the transition from Clipper (a DOS programming language) to Delphi (an OOP Pascal Windows language). At one point CFD had more than 5,000 registered users, and maintained a 100% upgrade rate for the final three versions released. We had customers on every continent except the Antarctic. I still have users today that contact me for updated versions for new Delphi releases (as recently as late 2012), even though the last official release was in 2000.

Software and libraries I've written have been used by top corporations (including some of the major telecommunications companies). I also wrote (under contract to a corporation based in Dallas, TX) one of the early QuickBooks API applications sold on the Intuit website in 2001.

I currently work with medical claims adjudication software, Ansi X12 EDI, insurance billing, and other health care related software, as well as network administration (Novell Netware and Windows 2003/2008), and document storage.

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