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So who am I? I don't really know the answer to that question. Aren't we all just trying to figure that out for ourselves? All I do know is my name is Justin, I've been here for 25 years now and for the most part it's been pretty amazing. I love life, love to live and live to love. There is nothing greater in it than that of experience.

What do I do? Just about everything. I'm a musician who loves to play guitar and keyboard/organ, and used to be in a band back in 2006 with my circle of best friends. I'm an engineer who's a builder fixer breaker and remaker in just about every field from electronics in hardware and software, to design and development of things that make my life easier. Engineering and music mix together very well; I design and develop my own guitar pedals as well. I also love chemistry, and I dare to call myself a rocket scientist. There's nothing better than making your own rockets and watching them blast off into the night sky, throw in a few stars and watch it light up like the 4th of july. I'm a theorist and philosipher at heart, I love to listen and I appreciate being heard. I am a polyhistor.

So by now you figure I'm some geek with broken glasses who got swirleys in school growing up right? Absolutely not. I'm a fun guy to be around, I'm hilarious for the most part from time to time. I love to joke and bust balls, and I can give it just as good as I can take it so bust my balls back and we'll be the best of friends. For the most part I'm pretty chill and relaxed, and from everyone I've ever talked to they tell me my voice is just as relaxing and chill. I do like to get crazy and have fun, just go camping on a whim and explore the woods and find new areas I never would have imagined. Nature is beautiful to me, but society also is too. I like to surround myself with good people who are fun to be around, and isolate myself from people who aren't. I'll go to the end of the earth for just about anyone, I'm a good guy at heart. I am who I am because I am who I invision a real man to be, and thats what I am; A real man.

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