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comment Adding an attribute to an XML tag using python
This looks like Apache syntax. Apache config files aren't XML, they just use "tags" to define sections.
comment Add object level permission to generic view
The built-in exception django.core.exceptions.PermissionDenied can be raised to show the 403 error page from get_object. You can then customize the error in the 403.html template, or override the view with handler403 in the URLconf (see…). Unfortunately you can't pass a message through the exception and the template context is not delivered the raw exception through the built-in behavior. If you want to show a special message you would need to create middleware.
comment Three mouse detection techniques for HTML5 canvas, none adequate
Thank you. The ghost canvas is fine and I have no problem with it. I like the idea of fast bounding functions that take an (x,y) and return true or false for each kind of shape. I'm looking for a resource for algorithms like that or other novel solutions I might have learned in an advanced graphics programming class. Stroked and filled circles, rectangles and straight lines seem simple, but complex shapes like areas, sliced circles (pie chart segment), or alpha transparent PNGs are going to be more complicated. There must be better ways known than looping over every pixel.
comment Django inherited template causing malformed html
Ahh! I fixed my text editor not to include a BOM, then removed them with a hex-capable editor. This solved the issue, thanks!
comment MongoDB Map/Reduce Array aggregation question
I will give this a shot as soon as I get a chance: emit( { host: hn, service: sv, metric: P[0] }, { value: [ [ ts, P[1] ] ] } );
comment MongoDB Map/Reduce Array aggregation question
Thank you for the reply, emitting arrays is optimal. I've updated the topic with the new code and now I just want to figure out whether reduce is ever going to throw me any deeper-nested arrays.