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comment Implementing inner traits in Scala like we do with inner interfaces in Java
In addition to what others have already answered about path-dependent types, it is also worth noting that Scala's notation for Java's T.Q is T#Q.
comment Scala: filter forcing evaluation of entire Stream
by the way, it is possible to simplify the rndstream method: def rndstream: Stream[( Int, Int )] = ( Random.nextInt( ysize ), Random.nextInt( xsize ) ) #:: rndstream
comment Is it possible to write a method in Scala returning objects with different type parameter?
Oops, it was meant to be a return type, not type parameter. Fixed now!
comment Reference equality for java.lang.String in Scala
Thanks! Interestingly, when I change my example to start with val s1 = "aa"; val s2 = "a" + "a", the result is still the same, even though "a" + "a" is not a constant expression (is it?). So it looks like Scala does a bit more than what the Java spec says.
comment Combinatorial Subtyping (in Scala)
@magnus-madsen Well, not quite. Going along the lines of Strategy pattern in this case would imply creating a class named, say, Role and subclassing it with Manager, TennisPlayer, etc. The class Person then would hold a list of roles. To satisfy your other requirements, you could put a reference to the person into every role and even implement some interaction logic between roles if needed.