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comment SQLAlchemy inter table constraint
Thanks for that. Events seem to be the best method to solve this issue. I have used @validates('users') on both Group and Role to ascertain that the constraints have been met before adding the user to the Group/Role, and I use an event on 'remove' to cleanup Groups/Roles when a users company or group changes. Although I now have to ensure that any external applications also hold true these conditions.
comment SQLAlchemy inter table constraint
Yes. I wasn't sure the best method to do this, so I left it out. I'm assuming that adding a users = relationship("User", backref="group|role") to both Group and Role is correct?
comment easy_install virtualenv on python 2.4
Ah yes. Indeed that's the case. I'll see if I can contact the developer of it and let them know.
comment python: best way to verify conditions and raise Exception
I just realised that this wont work if the input is [-1,1] or [2,0], etc... but the set method you used in your question will be faster anyways.
comment combine javascript files at deployment in python
Awesome, seems good for the scripting side of things, should be relatively easy to configure into buildout.