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comment Why would be the drawback of forcing my domain objects to implement INotifyPropertyChanged?
While I don't think it's entirely impossible to be both a boxer and a dancer, I don't think notifying about changes in the domain model is really presentation layer stuff. So what would be the SRP save way of notifying about changes? Event aggregation? Some kind of polling? Sorry for waking about such an old question, but I feel it's not completely answered.
comment Wix: How to limit major upgrades to major version numbers?
Thanks! I'm quite tempted to use this solution as I can let MajorUpgrade handle everything for me. I'm just not sure if there are any serious drawbacks to this solution. Another thing: How's AllowSameVersionUpgrades been going for you? The documentation talks about the possibility of serious bugs ...
comment Wix: How to limit major upgrades to major version numbers?
Thank you! Should have been quite obvious. I'm tempted to use MajorUpgrade with a changed UpgradeCode though (as saschabeaumont answer suggests). Are there any drawbacks to this approach?
comment How can I index our internal source code?
I can vouch for opengrok as well. Very useful!
comment Easy to use SNMP client library for c++?
Easier to use than net-snmp in my opinion...
comment Control Click to get definition in IDE does not work
What you are describing is in fact the "Find DECLARATION" function! I was searching google to find a way to actually go to the DEFINITION and ended up here...
comment Is it useful to test the return of “new” in C++?
Catching the exception and saving data to disk, might be a better way than just letting the app crash...
comment How can you avoid the Diamond of Death in C++ when using multiple inheritance?
imho, that's a solution to the problem, but not a way to avoid it...