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  • 13 years in the industry;
  • Started as a UI designer, then studied web development, IxD and UX;
  • Now Director of Design and Development;
  • Specialised in UX, IxD, UIs, responsive applications for desktop, tablets and mobile;
  • Worked in Ireland for NASDAQ-listed companies.

comment Mobile Safari bug on fixed positioned button after scrollTop programmatically changed…?
Yeah this seems to fix the rendering of the page we had but not the buttons triggers which remain in the old position. I found that if you do: $('body, html') .animate({scrollTop: 0}, function(){ $element.css('display', 'none'); setTimeout(function() { $element.css('display', 'block'); }, 0); }); You can see where the $element actually is..
comment CSS3 2D Transforms not working on IE9 if set by jQuery
Hey it works! Thanks! :) So the problem was jQuery itself? Or it's an ie bug with setting the css via JavaScript?