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Once upon a time there was a emerging technology called CUDA, which offered all sorts of really intriguing new possibilities in scientific and parallel computation. And once upon a time, Stack Overflow was full of interesting questions about CUDA, and how to use it. So I started answering them. Eventually I answered almost 700 questions, became Stack Overflow's highest reputation participant on the CUDA tag, and had a lot of fun doing it.

Alas, CUDA is now very mature and most of the good questions about CUDA have already been asked and answered. What appears on Stack Overflow today is mostly dross, and I spend most of my time editing, down-voting and closing rather than answering questions. A lot of toil has gotten and kept the unanswered question queue down to about 10% of the total number of CUDA questions for a good part of my tenure here. But that wasn't much fun. So I think I am done answering questions and curating the CUDA tag.

Always keep in mind that Han fired first.

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