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comment live output from subprocess command
With Python 3, you need iter(process.stdout.readline, b'') (i.e. the sentinel passed to iter needs to be a binary string, since b'' != ''.
comment How do I get bash completion to work with aliases?
See the updated version of this script at (for example, I added support for COMP_LINE and COMP_POINT which are required for some git completions).
comment Google GCM server returns Unauthorized Error 401
If you're using curl for debugging, and have whitelisted your IPv4 address but not your IPv6 address, you can pass -4 to curl to have it connect using IPv4.
comment set div width as a percentage of height
Possible duplicate of Setting Element Width Based on Height Via CSS
comment Difference between px, dp, dip and sp in Android?
@ShariqueAbdullah, don't rely on xdpi and ydpi though, as the Android framework team explicitly warn that they are inconsistent:…. Just use dp and sp; if any future Android devices do have non-square pixels, they'll have to emulate square pixels anyway in order to be compatible with all the existing Android apps that only support square pixels.
comment Difference between px, dp, dip and sp in Android?
If your designers won't leave room for text-based elements to scale according to sp size, one option is to switch to whatever layout you'd use for a narrower device, then scale everything up uniformly by (DisplayMetrics.scaledDensity/DisplayMetrics.density).
comment Difference between px, dp, dip and sp in Android?
@ShariqueAbdullah actually no, all current Android devices have the same x and y dpi (i.e. pixels are square).
comment How to make an OpenGL rendering context with transparent background?
Works great on Win 7. When I made the window size exactly equal to the screen size the background became black instead of transparent (as if Aero assumes the window is fullscreen, even though it isn't actually). I was able to work around this by making the window 1 pixel taller than the screen, i.e. use window_x = 0, window_y = -1, window_width = screen_width, window_height = screen_height + 1 as the values passed to CreateWindowEx, then call glViewport(0, 0, screen_width, screen_height) as usual.
comment Making invisible text selectable
See for a way to make text visible but uncopyable in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
comment How to optimize norm calculation in Matlab?
@Jonas: you can use norm(X, 2, 'rows') to tell Matlab to take a vector norm of each row of the matrix X (returning a column vector). Or vice versa if you pass 'cols' or 'columns'.
comment Fix font size issue on Mobile Safari (iPhone) where text is rendered inconsistently and some fonts are larger than others?
@testing: Text Autosizing only affects columns of text that are wider (in CSS pixels) than the device's screen width (in density-independent pixels). If you use responsive webdesign you'll have <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> or equivalent, which means your page will never be wider than the device's screen, so Text Autosizing will have no effect, and you don't need to worry about it. (There's a slight caveat in Chrome for Android - - but even that should usually be relatively minor).
comment How to best prevent CSRF attacks in a GAE app?
Don't allow blank Referer headers! If an HTTP page is requested from an HTTPS page, the Referer is not sent. So if your form is on an HTTP page, an attacker can trivially cause the Referer to be blank in a CSRF attack. Even if your form is on an HTTPS page, I would be very suspicious of blank Referer headers.
comment Using git diff, how can I get added and modified lines numbers?
I updated the function so the various regexes are robust to ANSI color codes. git diff --color | diff-lines now works as expected :)
comment How do you disable browser Autocomplete on web form field / input tag?
Please think carefully about this. It makes sense to disable saving credit card information etc, but unless you are a bank, preventing password autofill can significantly decrease how many users bother to login to your site, especially on phones where entering passwords on cramped keyboards is a lot of effort.
comment Uppercase or lowercase doctype?
The spec consistently writes it as <!DOCTYPE html>, therefore it would be reasonable to infer that the author of the spec has a slight preference for that particular capitalization. I'm going to use the same capitalization as the spec, since it's nice for these things to be consistent, but if you prefer <!dOcTyPe then be my guest :)
comment Uppercase or lowercase doctype?
As I said, the spec requires browsers to support any case, so any case will work. But the question-asker is clearly looking for a standard, canonical form, so in the absence of strong reasons to choose one over the other, you may as well use the example case from the spec...
comment List all the files for a commit in Git
Pass --no-commit-id to avoid printing the SHA1, like so: git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r <commit-ish>
comment Single vs Double quotes (' vs ")
JavaScript does not evaluate variable names in strings. There is no difference between ' and " in JavaScript.
comment Database of common name aliases / nicknames of people
Interesting, and they offer their database for commercial licensing, or via a free (rate-limited) API. The name detail pages clearly distinguish variants, diminutives, alternate genders, and other languages; I don't know whether the API provides the same level of detail. They seem to have better international coverage than pdNickname, though the variants seem most comprehensive for European names.
comment AlertDialog.Builder
When you figure out the answer to your own question, please post the answer (it's ok to answer your own questions), that way future people who have the same question will know how you resolved it instead of having to guess - thanks!