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Freelance iPhone developer. Has a thing for functional programming languages.

comment How to find unused images in an XCode project?
Install Homebrew and then do a brew install ack.
comment How do I pass a managedObjectContext to the tablecontroller in my second tab?
I agree with the (unit) testing argument, since you can't easily pass for example an in-memory context for testing to the function. However, unless you deal with multiple contexts and don't do TDD, i think that this is still a valid approach for a basic app. If, however, you deal with multiple contexts, you open a totally different can of worms. I wouldn't recommend it if you can't find a better solution for this (relatively easy) questions yourself.
comment How to pass variable from tableview to second tableview?
Edited the answer to include the usage in the target table.
comment Code Sign error - Iphone Debuggin
You sure have to pay to get into the developer program itself, otherwise you won't be able to create certificates! Other than the yearly fee the revokation and creation of new certificates is free. Already released apps are not affected by the revokation, you can release update to an app with another key/certificate pair.