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I've got more experiments with little languages in my github and gist pages. The inca APL interpreter/calculator is also available online. courtesy of Thomas Baruchel as an offshoot of his work making the online GNU APL interpreter. And of course, xpost my postscript interpreter (unix+xcb/ms-windows, ~30kloc ISO90 standard C, supports PostScript Level 1 + level 2 extensions).

A further goal is the inclusion of NeWS extensions and ultimately, PSIBER an interactive visual debugging environment for postscript.

The profession of scribe was considered to be most honourable, and its rewards were great, for no rank and no dignity were too high for the educated scribe.

E.A. Wallis Budge, The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians

It is impossible to disassociate language from science or science from language, because every natural science always involves three things: the sequence of phenomena on which the science is based, the abstract concepts which call these phenomena to mind, and the words in which the concepts are expressed. To call forth a concept, a word is needed; to portray a phenomenon, a concept is needed. All three mirror one and the same reality.

Antoine Lavoisier, 1789

[L]ogic, in so far as it exhibits the universal and necessary laws of the understanding, must in these very laws present us with criteria of truth. Whatever contradicts these rules is false, because thereby the understanding is made to contradict its own universal laws of thought; that is, to contradict itself.

Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, I, 2nd Part, II. Of Transcendental Logic

He who in reasoning cites authority is making use of his memory rather than of his intellect.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Thoughts on Art and Life

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