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London based developer specializing in UI and visualization.

comment How do I post parameter on d3.json?
Thanks :). Personally, i find my original more understandable (callback arguments and stringification not withstanding). My aim was to give the smallest example of a generic XHR request leaving the handling of the response as a separate issue -- though I mentioned the most obvious way forward in the answer. Similarly I chose to explicitly split the example into two steps -- creation and execution of the request -- rather than chaining the two in a single expression in order to clarify the responsibility of each function call. Happy to accept the edit if people find them more helpful though.
comment Adding a specific tick to a D3.js axis
OK thinking about this the thing that got me was that scale.ticks(...) returns an array whilst axis.ticks(...) returns the axis object and stores the ticks array for use later. I was suffering from axis/scale confusion
comment Adding a specific tick to a D3.js axis
Thankyou! that seems to work fine I made a quick bl.ock to confirm bl.ocks.org/tomgp/aaf0499e139e0b8c58ea
comment Backbone.js: bind data to Collection using Ajax?
The second method -- overriding parse -- is clearly preferable but as far as I can tell doesn't work: The sync method will throw an error upon not receiving JSON so will never call parse. What I think you'll need to do is override Backbone.sync and parse. I'm about to give this a shot anyway.
comment Can topoJSON create composite properties?
Yes, at the moment I'm doing it using a CSV to look up the concatenated values. It works fine though the extra step is a bit messy. I thought it might be nice to have something like ' -p id=constituency&ward ' seems like this would be a fairly common task (i've encountered the problem a couple of times now) but maybe not.
comment How can i parse strings as the inputs to subprocess.Popen?
could you tell us what the contents of out1 and out2 are?
comment To swap rows with columns of matrix in javascript (or jquery)
though there is a fix for that detailed here... developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/…