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Community Moderator for Geographic Information Systems SE

Moderator Pro Tem for Genealogy & Family History SE.

Freelance ArcGIS Specialist & GISP-AP with 25+ years Esri software experience, working where possible with Geoprocessing (including GP Services), ArcPy/Python, Open Source GIS, OGC Interoperability, OpenStreetMap, Zoology & Genealogy.

Author of:

  • ArcGIS for Desktop and Google Earth eLearning videos which are available via Discover Spatial
  • Introductory to Advanced level ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcPy training courses which are available Instructor-led or Self-paced - see PolyGeo website

Available for commercial ArcGIS consulting, training and support assignments, and willing to provide quotations to tackle any intractable ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcPy problems which appear on GIS Stack Exchange when they may be unsuitable to resolving expediently using its focussed Question & Answer format.

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