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For those users that wish to be polite, please note that I *appreciate* your manners, and your respect is returned in kind, but I would like to formally, and explicitly, state that I would much, *much* appreciate not being called 'sir.' It makes me feel terribly uncomfortable...

Currently I code for fun, and occasional profit, and I'm fascinated by making information work. However, while I'm happy to code 'for fun,' I'd be absolutely thrilled to hear of any front-end web-dev (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) vacancies or job-openings...

I'm always interested to hear of new projects, if anyone wants any help or additional input. Feel free to contact me via this site if there's anything I can help with.

If I've been able to help you, and you're feeling gracious and/or altruistic as a result, please consider buying something off one of these Child's Play Wishlists, on my behalf:

Obviously, there are other hospitals around the world that are equally in need of toys and games for children, so if you don't fancy donating to a British hospital, for whatever reason, please consider taking another look at the Child's Play website, and see if there's a hospital nearer to you that maybe deserves something.

For the record, I'm pretty good with the following: admittedly there are others, but those are my better tags.

I'm not to be trusted with , and need adult supervision for

Oh, and I'm on Facebook, too.

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