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comment How to tell an auto increasing number has stopped increasing using JavaScript
That would depend upon the means by which the number is increased.
comment How to do math with an array (add +1)
You chose to illustrate the problem with pseudo-code to show us the code? Fair enough, that seems needlessly complex (and a little pointless), but...okay.
comment How to do math with an array (add +1)
var ["7","7","0","0","32","17"] = myArray; -> Uncaught SyntaxError:...
comment Counter not incrementing properly in SetTimeout
no-repro, I'm afraid (Chrome, on Windows 8.1).
comment calculate textarea data using JavaScript
How are you enforcing that the user enters data in the correct format, which will be fairly essential for this.
comment Position :before pseudoclass in-between parent and child CSS
And why are you not using a label, or placeholder?
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comment Position :before pseudoclass in-between parent and child CSS
I'm reluctant to believe that HTML/CSS produces that image (demo; given that content should only be used in pseudo-elements. So I don't know if you're using a browser with a non-standard implementation of CSS (for some reason), or if you've just mis-typed your CSS.
answered String to Object using regex JS / JQuery
comment check changed value of a DOM element
This would seem to be a purely php question, given that it seems you want to check, in php, whether the values returned by the script have been changed from their default. Or do you want to use JavaScript to only send the changed values to the server? (Either way, you still need to verify on the server.)
comment How to convert specific CSS elements to jquery for tranforms
What's the relevant HTML for this part of your site? And, incidentally, I'd second the call to read the How to Ask guidelines, and also the MCVE guidelines.
comment Jquery detect element type in if
I wish I'd had the common sense to think of that first... :)
answered Jquery detect element type in if
comment What does comma in CSS definition mean
In fairness, it would be difficult to provide that much code - legibly - in the comment-space.
answered What does comma in CSS definition mean
comment How do I make a css wrapper change based on what classes are inside it?
"I think that I would actually like to select the child class from the wrapper." - then why do you ask how to select the wrapper based on when it "holds nav1 or nav2"? Because that's explicitly asking how to select a parent based on its children; which is a parent=selector, which CSS doesn't have.
comment What is this kind of jQuery statement called?
To read about jQuery methods:<methodName>. As for 'conditions,' they're simply JavaScript, not jQuery.
comment Hide a div with transition
Please add the relevant, minimal code to your question.
answered jQuery conditional: if div has a particular ID, add class to another div
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