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Currently I code for fun, and occasional profit, and I'm fascinated by making information work. However, while I'm happy to code 'for fun,' I'd be absolutely thrilled to hear of any front-end web-dev (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) vacancies or job-openings...

I'm always interested to hear of new projects, if anyone wants any help or additional input. Feel free to contact me via this site if there's anything I can help with.

Incidentally, this is a game ("Reset") that I'd very much like turned into an actual thing. Y'know: hint-hint and so forth...

If I've been able to help you, and you're feeling gracious and/or altruistic as a result, please consider buying something off one of these Child's Play Wishlists, on my behalf:

Obviously, there are other hospitals around the world that are equally in need of toys and games for children, so if you don't fancy donating to a British hospital, for whatever reason, please consider taking another look at the Child's Play website, and see if there's a hospital nearer to you that maybe deserves something.

For the record, I'm pretty good with the following: admittedly there are others, but those are my better tags.

I'm not to be trusted with , and need adult supervision for

Oh, and I'm on Facebook, too.

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comment Replacement function of html “mailto” in an email body
You have sufficient rep that I hesitate to say this, but are you sure this is (meant to be | really) an answer? It reads like a comment.
comment Can't extend obj in js
You're comparing (==), not assigning (=)?
comment Creating two elements using js and then having access to them later in another function
Do you create both elements at the same time?
comment disable some of the input elements when one of the options (radio) is selected
Please show a minimal representation of your HTML, and your implementation of the code from the linked answer, also: define 'better' in context of your use-case.
comment Css selector : parent and child element
Where are you stuck? I look at this and think you're maybe asking for guidance on interpreting the English language, rather than asking a programming question.
comment positioning section and div
On the grounds that you're clearly participating, but have chosen to disregard my request to post your relevant, minimal code in your question, I'm voting to close as 'off-topic' as this is a "why isn't this working?" question, and lacks code to demonstrate the problem. Should you choose to address this, please edit your question to include both the (minimal) code and a link to the JS Fiddle you've created (though you need to strip that down to only the minimal code necessary to reproduce your problem).
comment Javascript affect a div on hover
And what <div>s would those be? You'll need to show the relevant HTML, I'm afraid, before we can realistically provide any help.
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comment Applying javascript to a textbox unobtrusively
You want to know how to bind a function to an HTML element outside of the inline event-handling attributes (onclick, onfocus, onchange et cetera)? Or how to chain function-calls using methods (the difference between document.getElementById('elem').getAttribute() and madeUpFunctionToGetAttributeFrom(document.getElementById('elem')))?
comment positioning section and div
Hello, and welcome to Stack Overflow! Please add your (minimal, relevant, mcve) code into your question (otherwise when the pastebins die, or move, or simply fail, your question becomes useless to others in future). Also, for front-end web-development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), it's often a very good idea, and is much-requested, to post a live demo to reproduce your problem at JS Fiddle, or similar).
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comment Unable to keep a checkbox punched
In which case you have the readonly attribute (which will allow the element to be successful), or disabled (which makes the element unsuccessful). Which you choose depends on whether you want to submit that form-element to the server.
comment Unable to keep a checkbox punched
Why waste space presenting an option that the user can't change?
comment HTML select element - Custom default value? ( Cross-browser solution )
No, it won't; but to do that you'll have to manipulate the HTML. Either its display, with CSS, or the DOM itself, via JavaScript. The first you've stated is a "cheap solution" (and presumably unwanted), and the latter approach features no tag to your question. So you'll have to compromise somewhere.
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comment jquery find links in block of text
You're very welcome indeed, I'm glad to have helped!
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comment A challenege on learneroo was… When the following loop terminates, what will num equal?
If Learneroo set the challenge then Learneroo should have explained the concepts, either beforehand in preparation, or afterwards as clarification. Either way, I'm a little confused as to why you're asking here. Bear in mind I may be a little biased, since I can't appreciate what you don't know, but that's a while loop: it tells you what it's doing.