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comment Digital Audio Processing on the iPhone 4S
Unfortunately, the kAudioSessionProperty_Mode doesn't seem to make different. The problem is really on the roll-off region, more precisely after 20.5 kHZ, where everything stats to get really bad (and low :P). Taking that into account, I wonder if it would be possible to disable the noise cancelation (and if that would really make any difference).
comment Digital Audio Processing on the iPhone 4S
I understand that, yet it is a requirement for a specific situation. We've been through something similar on Android models, having some where it works and some where it doesn't. We just never expect that would happen with the iPhone, since it's been working perfectly until now. Even if it doesn't behave like iPhone 4 did, maybe it is still possible to work with the iPhone 4S, as long as it works with frequencies above 20.5 kHz, too.
comment AudioToolbox - Callback delay while recording
Thank you a lot, that is exactly the path I was looking for. It took me several hours to rewrite my code using the RemoteIO API, since the documentation and sample codes are not straightforward, and there are a lot of "traps" to understand. But it is finally working, now, and I can actually say that your answer was perfect. There is no delay, but a very stable sequence of about 2.94ms (on an iPhone 4), in the fastest configuration possible.