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I'm an UNIX Systems Administrator and Developer (>10 years of experience). I really enjoy my work, because working as a devops involves both UNIX systems & services and programming.

I believe in the sentence "Computer Science is the science that automatizes repetitive tasks".

I started programming with ZX Spectrum's BASIC and Z80 assembler. Then switched to PC with C, Pascal, C++, 80x86 and 80386+ assembler, always creating graphical tools, intros, games and apps in old DOS' mode 13h (320x200/MCGA) and ModeX (320x240). After a few years with Delphi and Visual C++ (and Kylix under Linux), I stopped programming for years until I discovered Python and PHP, in year 2001.

Nowadays I mainly use Python, PHP and BASH in a daily basis. I love Python; I really enjoy programming in Python, so "Thanks, Guido".

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