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Lead Developer and President of Esotech Inc. http://www.esotech.org. Public speaker on web development, technology and business. Glass Explorer and Technological Autodidact.

PHP/mySQL Master now focused heavily on NodeJS, AngularJS, and MongoJS Development. Working closely with Websockets and WebRTC. Framework Builder. I have made multiple CRM's from scratch dealing with Leads, Dialers and sensitive information. Solid background in Technical SEO. Can work with any framework or system...even Netsuite.

Find more information about me at my personal blog http://gei.lt.

Masters Degree In the Study of Religion. Interested in mysticism, esotericism and the occult. Especially interested in Hindu mysticism, such as Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism.

I speak both Spanish and English fluently.

Avid online gamer. From Everquest (1999) to many other classic MMO's. Mechwarrior, Counter-strike, and the BattleField series. Ingress Player.

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