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comment Why does the Background of my “game” move?
I don't see the definition of the repaint() method in the code you initially posted - could it be added?
comment WebSocket Java Error
You appear to be calling .start() and then .stop() immediately (in the finally block.) This is likely the reason why the server is starting and then stopping. (There aren't any errors logged, the app is doing exactly what your code has specified.) Is there a reason your code is just starting and then stopping the server?
comment Why is this print statement changing how this loop executes?
This likely depends on whether running was marked as volatile. I'll update my post, thanks for the catch.
comment vertx access event bus outside verticle class
Just a note: You can accept your own answer.
comment How to get the last value of an ArrayList
@Brady it won't cause an O(n) iteration for an ArrayList, because as you can guess, it's backed by an array. So a simple get(<index>) just results in a constant-time retrieve from an array. (JDK source confirms this) For other list implementations, this isn't guaranteed, so for example, LinkedList has a getLast() method which is constant-time.
comment Editing in the Chrome debugger
Thanks! I found this worked when needing to make changes in a self-executing anonymous function that was called right near page load.
comment Jquery: trouble selecting by class
Your selector btn_hide doesn't seem correct. Perhaps it should be .btn_hide? (Or #btn_hide if an ID) However the selector #frm .hideme looks fine.
comment CQL3: How to retrieve the TTL when there is only a primary key?
So, it's looking more and more like I'll just have to add a dummy column that's not part of the primary key, just in order to be able to retrieve the TTL. This dummy value will always be blank. Come to think of it, it's really not that different to how things are physically stored anyways: Cassandra will create a row with column names corresponding to the value in clustered_key, but the actual value will be empty.
comment CQL3: How to retrieve the TTL when there is only a primary key?
Thanks, but this won't work. The whole point of having the clustered_key column be part of the primary key is that I need the value of clustered_key to be part of the actual column name, which takes advantage of the column ordering within rows. Also, if clustered_key is not part of the primary key, then I can really only store one value per row_key.
comment CQL3: How to retrieve the TTL when there is only a primary key?
In cassandra-cli, I basically see a column (whose name has 'D00D' in it) with a blank value; this blank value is what the TTL is actually associated with. Because there are no non-primary key CQL columns, no values actually get stored, only column names. I know that you can get the TTL via cassandra-cli, but that isn't an option for me as I'm using the Datastax Java Driver to query. (Should have mentioned) Thanks for your advice.
comment Detect Browser Vs. Software PHP
There's not an authoritative way to do this, AFAIK. Web browsers usually send an indication in their user-agent string, but this can easily be faked since it's just a HTTP header. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Java code you have written probably won't "look" like it came from a web browser, but it could easily be modified to do so by adding the appropriate headers, etc. to the request.
comment Why do multiple iterations of a block of code increase average running time so much?
Without seeing all the code you're running (i.e. how you're running the loop you've posted), I'd guess it's Hotspot VM adaptive optimization kicking in as the loop is run more, that causes average iteration time to drop. Or, it could be that other non-loop operations get amortized over the increased iteration count. Again, just speculation.
comment Why do multiple iterations of a block of code increase average running time so much?
What Dancrumb said: Based on your description, it sounds like the average time per iteration decreases as the number of iterations increase.
comment Netty Client to Server message
Any server-side code?
comment jQuery Allow a single click but disallow a double click
I think Scott has the right idea. JQuery's own documentation states it's inadvisable to bind event handlers to both single and double-click events as the results are unpredictable. Instead, disabling the button as Scott recommended should work.
comment Why do Set data structures in Java use Map internally?
You could say that a Set is a Map keyed by just the value itself rather than by a separate key; or at least that appears to be how it has been implemented.
comment Geocoding without map
My bad, I didn't realize you were asking about the terms of usage. I guess you answered your own question.
comment Most efficient way to append a constant string to a variable string in Java?
Using StringBuilder is a nice way to accomplish this. However, since Java 5, the compiler may automatically convert concatenations into usage of StringBuilder:…
comment Java SimpleDateFormat Seemingly Ignoring Month and Day
Do you mean SimpleDateFormat instead of SimpleDateFormatter?
comment Which is faster: string concatenation on the database level, or the application level?
Is there anyway to write a meaningful benchmark for direct comparison?