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I'm currently working on a Master's degree in Computer Science. My undergraduate degrees are Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I've done test automation in Java and math modeling using MATLAB. On the side, I do web programming in Python and I am an open source/free software enthusiast.

comment Hidden features of Python
This is really cool, I didn't know iter could do that!
comment Free/Open Source Test Generator for Java?
Sadly that's unacceptable for my uses (proprietary code)
comment Is there a way to convert indentation in Python code to braces?
Out of curiosity, what operating system are you using?
comment Is there a way around coding in Python without the tab, indent & whitespace criteria?
You would only input it the first way. Perhaps you have physical limitations, such as being visually impaired and using a screen reader, or are copy/pasting code from something that eats tabs.
comment Python output buffering
This the solution that I used when I ran into problems with print statements being buffered. Worked like a charm.
comment What are the pros and cons of the various Python implementations?
Some of the magic for Stackless (green threads, etc.) is available for the CPython implementation in the py.magic library, which was developed by PyPy. As far as I know, stackless developed is somewhat quieted, most of the work for the Erlang-lite features is now going into PyPy.