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comment UITextView and contentScaleFactor
For me, this works when first creating the text view, but not later when updating after a zoom has been performed. To work around the issue I remove the old text view from the view hierarchy and replace it wit an exact copy with the appropriate contentScaleFactor applied.
comment Access App Identifier Prefix programmatically
This seems the best way to do it. You can even store the full value just as it appears in the entitlements, e.g., $(AppIdentifierPrefix)com.MyCompany.MyApp, and than use that directly without any further modifications.
comment Center content of UIScrollView when smaller
I noticed that this, like many other centering techniques, seems to suffer from problems when using zoomToRect:. Using the contentInset approach works better, if you happen to need that functionality. See for more details.
comment Which is the right one, nil or NULL, to mark “no Objective-C block”?
It's true that doing something like [NULL copy] would give you an error or warning, however since the method parameter would essentially be casted to a block type when the message is received, the actually call is more something like [(void (^)(void))NULL copy] which will not cause any compiler issues. I do think that using nil is a bit more appropriate semantically, although using NULL should technically work perfectly fine as well.
comment tgmath.h doesn't work if modules are enabled
A dirty fix for the time being is copy the #undef and #define macro pairs for each thmath function, right after importing thmath.h. I do this in my .pch file to have those helpers accessible throughout the app.
comment UICollectionView Assertion failure
Using NSBlockOperation like this is dangerous, since it doesn't guarantee that the added blocks will be called on the main thread. See my comment here for details.
comment Ignore certain exceptions when using Xcode's All Exceptions breakpoint
Works great. Just to stress out again - you need to set the breakpoint to just "Objective-C" since there's also a C++ exception thrown here.
comment How to get the RGB values for a pixel on an image on the iphone
I have to admit, I never tested this with @2x images. I thought CGImageCreateWithImageInRect is supposed to do the right thing here. What I did see though were some problems with images that have different imageOrientation values applies (mainly from the device camera) - . So you're saying CGRectMake(position.x * self.scale, position.y * self.scale, 1.f, 1.f); fixes your issue?
comment MKMapview Affecting UINavigationBar and TabBar Appearance
I've now seeing a different bug on iOS 7.0.3 - see
comment Achieving bright, vivid colors for an iOS 7 translucent UINavigationBar
Yes, their tint color implementation has definitely changed in 7.0.3. I can now achieve my desired color by just bumping the saturation up by about 10-15%. Before I also needed to ad the extra layer.
comment Pitfalls of using two persistent store coordinators for efficient background updates
Thanks for elaborating on the matter and basically confirming my suspicions. Parent-Child contexts are the simplest path to take, but creating a child context of the main thread did have a noticeable performance impact on the UI (see Also, with child contexts you can't really easily prevent UI updates from occurring immediately after you save a batch of objects in the background. To prevent the faulting issues I was considering just making deleted objects for deletion and not actually deleting them immediately. The actual deletion would happen just before the UI update.
comment Pitfalls of using two persistent store coordinators for efficient background updates
One NSPersistentStore.
comment Pitfalls of using two persistent store coordinators for efficient background updates
It's not an import, it's an update, meaning that existing data can change (including being deleted). The performance issues were pretty much those described in the articles and talk I've liked, and are actually not even the main problem here. I already have a solution that uses a background context only (vs also a new PSC) and the performance impact on the main thread isn't that bad. But even that doesn't prevent the problem I outlined above. If I save the background context in batch and do not merge changes immediately when a batch completes the database and UI context get out of sync.
comment Pitfalls of using two persistent store coordinators for efficient background updates
Thanks. I've seen that article as well. The suggestion given in there, translated into my example case would essentially mean, that you shouldn't touch any objects in the background job, if they could be fetched by the feted results controller. Not really ideal.
comment Application loader is waiting and network connection was lost
I'm seeing the same. It's probably a temporary itunes connect outage.
comment iOS app crashing every other launch, can't find error
I started seeing the same after updating to OSX 10.8.4 earlier today. I had no problems with Xcode 4.6.2 on OSX 10.4.3. The problems seem to go away if I switch from LLDB to GDB, so it might be caused by the debugger (Xcode 4.6.2 LLDB in combination with OSX 10.8.4).
comment KVC Collection Accessor + index 0 beyond bounds for empty array error
Well, one way of doing this could be to define a BOOL instance variable and set it to YES inside -addObjectInArrayOfTasks: before calling -insertObject:in<Key>AtIndex:. In the later you would than use the assertion to check if the value is set and than reset it back to NO. If you are calling this from multiple threads you would also need some sort of synchronization for the code segment between the flag being set and reset.
comment Saving in NSDocumentDirectory or NSCachesDirectory
Store the ALAsset's URL (as a string, so it is a property list object), than restore it from the stored URL by using ALAssetsLibrary's assetForURL:resultBlock:failureBlock:.
comment iOS: UI Ideas for moving items between multi-level tableViews
Than perhaps use the cells to navigate the hierarchy and add an accessory view (button) on the right or left side that can be used to select the folder as the drop target. I'm thinking something like the disclousure button, but with a downward facing (and differently styled) arrow, or something that fits your design.
comment Adding a float attribute to an entity in coreData and increment it on every addition of new Object
I'm glad that you figured it out. I never said you have to use magical record. That is just a convenience library so you don't have to type a lot of code. As I pointed out in the previous comment, the code I posted should work in any case, while your code only works if the NSFetchedResultsController is properly configured (which it obviously wasn't).