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Breaking and fixing code for passion and living.

comment pip installing ipython with readline on OSX Lion
FWIW, I noticed that easy_install downloads and installs readline binaries, whereas pip downloads readline source and builds the package. That would explain the mystery of why one will work, while the other will not. gist.github.com/kprav33n/9521565
comment How to find the location, where an an Emacs Lisp function is bound to a key?
I have made accidental discovery of useful keystrokes when looking at the lisp files. Whenever I stare using a new module, I look for define-key lines in that to see if there are any interesting bindings that I can make use of. M-m is a binding that I discovered accidentally. I wanted to see what other useful bindings that are provided in the same class. C-h b kind of displays too many bindings under General Bindings category, that makes it difficult to focus on a similar group of bindings.
comment Using emacs tramp vs. rsync for remote development
If it still takes 10 seconds, it could be the .bashrc/.bash_profile on the remote machine causing the delay.
comment eshell environmental variable not appearing in eshell
I'm using GNU Emacs 24.2.1 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion and it is working in eshell just fine.
comment permanently enabling the hs-minor-mode in emacs
Before manually turning on, can you check the value of prog-mode-hook using C-h v (describe-variable) to see if what you have added is effective?