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I'm a software developer at a freight logistics firm. I graduated with B.S. Computer Science from Arkansas Tech University. I grew up in western Honshu, Japan.

I taught myself HTML/CSS when I was in middle school. I was fascinated by the design aspect (graphics/typography/layout) of creating websites. In high school I taught myself some C++ and Javascript. In college I studied programming, doing a fair amount of coding in C++ with a little of bit of Java and assembly as well (and became enamored of vi).

Now days I code for a living, developing client-server apps in C# (and previously VB.Net), writing units tests with NUnit & RhinoMocks, and interacting with DB2 and the occasional mainframe COBOL program, with WinForms on the front end. I do some Python and PowerShell scripting on the side to make my life easier.

I am passionate about the field of public transit and transportation networks in general. I hope to develop my craft and apply it to solving interesting problems in those areas.

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