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I've been programming every day for around 30 years, and have dabbled in a huge variety of languages and platforms, the best being ARM assembler in the early '90s. Glorious! Since then I've focussed on C, C++, and now C#. But now my phone has an ARM in it... hmmm... :-)

I do all this on my sluggish 3GHz quad-core, pining for the good old days when I had a blazingly fast 8MHz CPU and didn't have to wait all day for my word processor to display the next character :-)

Currently I work in Subsea Simulation (essentially a "flight simulator" for huge underwater robots) and the AtomineerUtils Pro Documentation Xml/Doxygen/Qt/JavaDoc add-in for Visual Studio (for C#, C++/CLI, C++, C, VB, Java).

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