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Job description: Programmer and project leader.

I know my way around all operating systems (OS X, unix, Windows), but my main OS is OS X.

My programming knowledge includes: Programming languages: PHP (advanced), Objective C (intermediate), Perl (basics), C++ (basics), JavaScript (advanced) Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL

Technologies I use: I'm primarily focused on web application development and am heavily proficient in web design, user interfaces and user experience. In PHP development I mostly use ADOdb database library and Smarty templating engline in combination with my own framework. For rendering part I take advantage of jQuery JavaScript library. My secondary line of work is development of mobile iOS apps where I'm still in the learning process. I work alone and in teams so I have knowledge of every aspect of a project (planning, development, distibution, content management, optimization, analytics, advertizing, management and support).

Job related interests: Problem solving, user interfaces, user interactions, new technologies, mobile platforms

General interests: Family (father, husband, son, brother), photography (amateur/semi-professional photographer), music (performer, listener), sports (running, hiking, swimming, squash, karate), gadgets (computers, mobilephones, cameras, vintage cameras)

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