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I'm a contracting software developer working primarily in the Financial markets however I also enjoy software development in any field that I've applied it to. I am experienced in a large range of industries including pharmaceutical, credit-cards, tier-1 trading systems and more recently FX markets. Currently I'm working in my free-time on medical applications with a drive towards more ASP.NET MVC and moving away from the 'thick client' applications. Working alongside my HTML5 application I'm also looking at frameworks that run on iPhone, iPads and other mobile devices.

I'm heavily TDD and favour using Microsoft Development tools such as Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server and MSTest. By taking a modular approach to software I use IoC design patterns and typically employ Unity for this purpose. My work is always tested and I consider my architecture to be easy to understand and extend by other developers.

I'm one of the fortunate few that enjoy my work so am constantly reading and improving on my work. I maintain a personal large framework of code that I can apply to new businesses and situations allowing me to produce quite large scale applications in a considerably faster fashion than most individual software developers.

I also enjoy teaching others, and being taught myself, as a day without learning something new is not a day that I enjoy.

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