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comment MPI parallel runing a parallel program
my program is just the genetic algorithm, for the certain properties of my population I need a second program. In the code i call this second program to perform this calculation. i'm currently making each individual is calculated in a different core. But this second program has an option to parallelize the computation of this property. So a want each individual is allocated to different machines in a cluster
comment MPI_Bcast send string
i calculate exact pack_size to avoid memory problems, because the program allocate a large amount of memory at the start, and the reason to pack data is just to minimize the comunication betwin rank's. Edit: only the MASTER rank know the size of prog, and gamesspath, then i need to send to other ranks
comment Gracefully exit with MPI
Thanks, it works, but it returns "mpirun noticed that the job aborted, but has no info as to the process that caused that situation." i thinks this is MPI default msg, i'm use Open MPI
comment MPI 2x printing
so, in every routine i must use MPI_Comm_rank and print in only 1 rank, but i need call MPI_Init in every routine too?