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What is the future of React Native Android and IOS app development?

I have basic knowledge of AngularJS. I am joining a company as a fresher and they want to train me into React Native Android and IOS app development in the training period of 3 months along with other ...

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how do i downgrade gradle?

I upgraded Gradle, but its not suitable for my game, and I need to downgrade it. There is no backup. I saw a few other posts but none were any help. I am exporting for android on Godot, and i am ...

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11 votes
26 replies

For a beginner in android application development which language is better java or kotlin?

Which language is better to work for a beginner to start his journey in android application development ?

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2 votes
3 replies

What is the future of Native Android development using Java? or better way to go cross platform like flutter

Move to cross platform better then learn both iOS and Android

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3 votes
1 reply

How to create a mcve of a Eleventy / Netlify serverless function

Introduction I want to add user authentication to a digital garden, specifically, use Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange as an OAuth provider. A digital garden is a personal website. My digital garden &...

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4 replies

Exciting Beginner Projects for Learning Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Hey everyone! I'm currently in my second semester of studying computer science and I'm eager to dive into object-oriented programming (OOP) with Java. However, I'm struggling to find beginner-friendly ...

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1 vote
2 replies

Big Query Project Ideas

Hey everyone, I am new to Big Query. I need to know about BigQuery in detail. I checked various videos on YouTube but got nothing useful. Can anyone suggest me ideas for creating big query projects ...

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3 replies


I want to become a perfect programmer in java language that can place me in a good company such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe. But I don't how to make it possible. I don't have any person who can ...

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What is the easiest way to deal with preprocessor and stdlib and compiler specifics - when have written own C compiler.

So I have written a C compiler which have my own parser (it's in regex and perl but this is irrelevant - don't start the flame war) and generates llvm bytecode (with C++). It parses the C language but ...

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1 vote
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Cognito User Pool Custom Domain Configuration Problem

Hi there, how are you doing? I'm facing problems configuring Custom Domain for Cognito User Pool ( docs ). The error message says: `Custom domain is not a valid subdomain: Was not able to resolve the ...

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2 replies

Is learning Adobe Commerce(Magento) still worth it in 2024?

Four years ago, before Adobe's acquisition, I worked as a Magento developer. I've heard that since Adobe took over, Magento has undergone significant changes and is considered dead, with only big tech ...

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1 vote
1 reply

Transitioning to Data Analytics

Having a meetup group where we help newbies transition into tech, I often get asked what I need to have before transitioning into data analytics. Although most times I do include the need to have a ...

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2 votes
3 replies

Roadmap to software developer

Hi everyone,i have decided to become a software developer and i am very clueless what to do and wht not to do,please provide me with a detailed roadmap because yt and google is kinda confusing with ...

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2 votes
3 replies

Exploring DevOps Tools in PHP: Share Your Favorites!

Welcome, developers! As the landscape of software development continues to evolve, the integration of DevOps practices has become increasingly essential. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just ...

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2 votes
2 replies

Is there a way to control azure pipeline from "outside" ?

I have an azure pipeline (based on a yaml-file) that is automatically triggered by a PR to the master-branch. My requirement is, that a certain step should be conditional, i.e. it should only be ...

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