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Why does some code use gets()?

Sometimes I see (often beginner) code that uses gets(), a function you should never use for any reason. The function was so bad that it is was even removed from the C Standard at some point. But as ...

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How to Play Video in External Player (like MXPlayer) in React Native?

I'm new to React Native and I'm looking to play a video in an external player (such as MXPlayer) on both Android. I've searched online but haven't found a clear solution. In Android, this can ...

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What a 10+ Android developers should know ?

I have 10 years experience and I still feel that I lack something in android. So What should a senior android dev should know, from deep level to new technology? Should I try flutter, KVM ?

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How are you successfully using generative AI to develop high quality code

I’ve been using gen AI tools like GitHub Copilot for a while now, and while they’re great for quick snippets, I’ve run into some issues. Copilot often misses the bigger picture of my projects, like ...

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What inspired you to program?

Hey everyone, I've been pondering a question for a while now a singular question which is: What inspired you to start programming? For me, it was the realization that there are no boundaries, and I ...

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10 votes
6 replies

What is your ideal development environment for deep learning/NLP?

I'm curious on what are the ideal development setups for NLP developers who train deep learning models? I know in my journey to work more with deep learning, I use Jupyter Notebooks a lot, but I'm ...

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Trinary state variables

I wanted to delve further into the topic of trinary state variables and get some feedback on implementing them the "proper" way. Issue: I am using a custom dict class with items moved to ...

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2 replies

Can Fargate resize pods on demand?

Say i configure a container with 2 vCPU and 4 GB memory on Fargate. If the task needs more memory down the lane, can Fargate auto size the container to use 8GB instead of 4? And maybe 4 vCPU instead ...

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Best Cloud Platform (AWS, GCP, Azure) for Deploying E-commerce Startup Application: EKS vs. GKE vs. AKS?

I'm in the process of deploying my e-commerce startup application to the cloud and I'm seeking advice on choosing the best cloud platform among AWS, GCP, and Azure, as well as the optimal managed ...

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23 votes
28 replies

Does Google Cloud offer any services to send automatic emails?

Are there any services on Google Cloud Platform for sending automatic emails that don't require Gmail, similar to Amazon SES?

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4 replies

How use FFmpeg from AWS Lambda

I want to read a .mp4 file in AWS S3 from AWS Lambda. What's the best choice, FFmpeg x AWS Lambda or S3 Batch Operation x AWS Mediaconvert? I need the cheaper solution because I have 3 million videos ...

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Why use the new Popup API introduced by google in 2024?

In one of my questions, I was recommended to rebuild my context menu using the new popup-API that google had introduced in early 2024, and while that sounds cool, it seems like the type of context ...

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2 votes
14 replies

Is C# .net For Client Applications Dead?

Since Xamarin is officially out of support, and MAUI is a complete disaster (and considering nobody, even microsoft doesn't use it...for anything), is it safe to say that C#, or .net in general for ...

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How VoIP is Different From Traditional Communication

Comparison Between VoIP And PSTN Lets we see the feature comparison between advanced communication systems (VoIP) and traditional communication systems (PSTN). VoIP Channels are carried out over one ...

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FFmpeg vs Mediaconvert

I want to read a .mp4 file in AWS S3 from AWS Lambda. What's the best choice, FFmpeg x AWS Lambda or S3 Batch Operation x AWS Mediaconvert? I need the cheaper solution because I have 3 million videos ...

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