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466 Discussions
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I need advice to better understand Complex Programs that use OOP

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my programming skills in the area of OOP. About me: I started programming with Python and wrote a few simple scripts. After high school, I studied CS at ...

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9 replies

How to make a game engine

Hello, I am a total noob in game development, please keep that in mind. My question is how and with what can I make a game engine similar for a game like the first doom. I am interested in making one. ...

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Using JSON File for Quiz Answers with Custom Button Styling in Godot: How to Mimic Duolingo's Button Design for ItemList?

I'm currently developing a quiz game in Godot where I store my quiz questions and answers in a JSON file dictionary. Initially, I used an ItemList node to display the answer choices. Now, I'm ...

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Clicking on on button, navigate back and click again for 15mins

what is the code for when i want to click on 1button of same 15buttons navigate back and click next button which need to iterate till 15buttons are clicked which has same xpath for all 15buttons

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12 votes
31 replies

For a beginner in android application development which language is better java or kotlin?

Which language is better to work for a beginner to start his journey in android application development ?

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0 replies

Extract results from networkd3 sankey diagram

This question could be quite basic as I'm just starting to use networkd3, so excuse me for that. I tried looking online for help but unfortunately couldn't find anything. I was wondering if there is ...

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39 votes
90 replies

What inspired you to program?

Hey everyone, I've been pondering a question for a while now a singular question which is: What inspired you to start programming? For me, it was the realization that there are no boundaries, and I ...

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2 replies

Rust vs C/C++: is Rust better than C/C++ or is a "skill issue"?

I recently decided to dive into embedded systems. So, I started researching how to program microcontrollers, ICs, FPGAs, etc. I quickly realized that C and C++ would be dominant languages in this ...

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1 vote
4 replies

A simple example of how to use Laravel's reduceSpread() method

I am teaching myself how to use Laravel's collection methods (despite having no access to any Laravel projects professionally). I've come upon the reduceSpread() method, but I find the provided ...

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14 votes
32 replies

What language would be the best beginner language?

I started learning programming about a year and a half ago and I started with Python 3.10 as my first ever language. I was advised to do so by friends of mine due to its English-like syntax, however, ...

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1 vote
15 replies

allowing method and a static method with the same name

so I wanted to add functionality enabling a class to have both a method and a static method with the same name. then I came across this rediculous PHP RFC: Invoke __callStatic when non-static public ...

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0 replies

Openair polarplot / Scale not adjustable

I'm doing polarplot representations using the openair package and the polarplot function. How can i reduce or add ticks on the concentration scale?

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0 replies

How to create the own MDM Server

We are quite impressed with the MDM vendors available on the market; some of the better ones are Microsoft Intunes MDM, MobileIron MDM, Sure MDM, and so on. My question now is: How can I put my own ...

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14 votes
13 replies

The worst mistake or experience you made in software journey that you would never have done if you could go back in time

Every software developer in his/her life has made decisions that if she/he had a chance to go back in time, would never do it again. 1st, hand on coding before reading documents carefully. I think ...

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0 votes
1 reply

Misleading self-evaluation of the job interview performance

I have a strange observation regarding my job interviews. Every time my gut feeling says that the interview was successful, when I realize that I didn't fail answering any question, when I'm showing ...

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