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597 Discussions
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Task :app:processDebugMainManifest FAILED Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugMainManifest'.

Can any help me solve this problem I try to run my project but it keep pop up the problem

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1 vote
3 replies

Does ECS Fargate need cluster and nodes to be provisioned?

I'm trying to deploy containers on ECS Fargate. I understand we can deploy the containers as Fargate tasks. But is there any concept of provisioning clusters and nodes on ECS cluster for deploying ...

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0 votes
12 replies

Why PHP Can not be in Client side?

Long ago when I started teaching PHP, I remember this question: Why can't I run PHP on the client side? I know the answer, but the question is still on my mind: Why can't its developers work on this ...

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Abstraction method and It's child Implementation

After Inherinting an abstract method into a child class can we call the Concrete methods present in Abstract class from child class?? If Yes, Can anyone tell me HOW TO??

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1 reply

I cannot bypass SSL pinning for mobile application

Is there someway to bypass self signed or a non-signed certificate to intercept the traffic of an android mobile application? I tried all codeshares of frida but none seem likely to work. I also tried ...

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Run Website Delay 30 Seconds (official Website)

i want run website with delay 30 seconds, Show me any way Like Plugins, Extensions or Python programs I want that when I enable it, I can run any official website like India Standard Time website and ...

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1 vote
0 replies

Angular Lazy loading

In angular there are two types of loading 1.eager loading 2.lazy loading eager loading renders your application and all modules in it after you start compilation that is called an eager loading it ...

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1 vote
1 reply

Can you share Roadmap In Learning Php with Laravel

Now I am starting laraning php with laravel can you share roadmap to learn php. or any best tutorial

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9 votes
17 replies

Is R efficient for sentiment analysis?

I would like to explore more about sentiment analysis but I cannot decide if I should start a project in python or R. What would you suggest?

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2 votes
5 replies

Creating dynamic content without any Get/Post/Query string data

Hi, I'm looking to populate a page's content based on data from a user database where an admin can manage their information. Instead of having the link pass data as "editUser.php?userId=123" ...

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0 votes
3 replies

Cloud Source Repositories is scheduled for end-of-sale starting June 17, 2024

Google is killing one more service, Cloud Source Repositories yet I was just starting to learn it. The best option would be GitHub integration.

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0 replies

Doubt about using of Split view.

Is it right way to use splitview for landscape and normal view for portrait orientation for a same state of an app. and show in different way when the ipad rotate? Eg. for Mail app, in land scape ...

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0 votes
0 replies

Long Context Embedding Models eg. bge-m3 - To Chunk or Not to Chunk?

bge-m3 is highly performant embedding model that can encode both sparse and dense. It has a context length of 8kb. What I am wondering is with such models if it would be useful to BOTH long encode ...

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0 votes
0 replies

What skills are essential for getting a promotion in the data field?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on what skills a data professional - whether a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, etc. - needs to get a promotion at work. Specifically, what do you think ...

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0 votes
0 replies

Is Proxmox Ready to Take on Major Cloud Service Providers?

**Proxmox as a Service: Elevating Proxmox to Replace Cloud Service Providers ** So i've been closely following the evolution of Proxmox and its capabilities as a virtualisation and server management ...

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