What do you think about Google Cloud Build?

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Hey folks!

I'm into Google Cloud Platform for about a year. An interesting fact about their CI/CD platform is that each step of the build is performed by running a particular docker image (a.k.a. cloud builder). E.g., to build a node.js app, I would need to run a docker image with npm binary inside, roughly speaking to use a binary "X", I need to pull and run a docker container providing that "X".

IMHO, this approach allows having completely ephemeral serverless workloads, however, development of a particular build trigger sometimes might be tricky (mounting volumes, and other docker-related stuff).

Overall, guys what do you think about it?

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it's basically industry standard at this point. you can build your own image that has all the tools you need in it if you need to, we've done that a couple of times. But it's often just as easy to use the official image for whatever language your using, like node from Dockerhub.