Debuting in Mobile Development, there’s this pressure of which technology is best to use. More into Web dev

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What will you advice a beginner in Mobile Development? Where to’start first? What will you consider a good road map? What technologies are essential to know at beginners level? What to avoid?

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Are planning on learning native or cross platform?


Native platforms so far, still debuting in Kotlin

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Knowing what questions to ask is probably pretty important.


I recommend starting with the platform's official documentation. Go to and respectively.

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learn kotlin from here and android platform from here

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If you are an individual, I would carefully scope a small project that goes end-to-end. For example:

I want to make an MVP (of my idea) for iPhone-only, and publish it on the App Store.

(Sort of the "holy grail" amongst the hobby-devs I know)

Even experienced mobile devs get tripped up by glossing over this phase. Once you've done this, you can start down the road, and pretty soon you'll realize you got into about 10x the footprint you thought you did, but that's actually sort of the fun. You just don't want to embrace 100x and then never finish.


Find a reputable course online to get some basics down such as Swift syntax, and a very basic overview of SwiftUI.

After that I suggest coming up with some small projects you'd like to recreate. For instance, a weather app gets you to work with web APIs, a notes app helps you learn tables/lists. Most interview take home projects will be similar in difficulty.

The steps after that are up to you. It entirely depends on the type or products you're interested in. So focus on something that you REALLY want to make. Then break the project down into smaller parts.


You want your app to have stylized button animations? Use those search terms and find a video to follow. You want to learn about in app data storage? Search for different methods of doing that in iOS and you'll discover stuff like CoreData or even SwiftData, and follow guides on that.



I would suggest to go with Flutter. It uses Dart language. You can build your app for the below platforms with a single code base:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Web
  4. MacOS
  5. Windows
  6. Linux

There are several articles online with which you can learn more about the advantages of Flutter and Dart.


To get started, create a simple app using Flutter, which would have complete CRUD operations.

Best practices

Irrespective of the technology, for a beginner, I'd suggest using object-oriented concepts to apply SOLID principles and make your code testable and scalable.


Hello. You can probably start with android app development. Here I have written a simple blog to get started with Android development. Please have a look, it will surely help you

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The advice here is a bit outdated. The official recommendation is to use Kotlin and Jetpack Compose for new apps/code. You're recommending Java and Views.

Additionally, using a single-Activity architecture has also been recommended for a while now (and thus, "When a user interacts with the app, they are typically moving between different activities" is not really correct).


if you want to go into react native app development, then I suggest starting with javascript, typescript for the base and moving to react hooks, react-redux. Also you can learn kotlin, java for android development. swift, objective c for ios. below reference links we be useful...