Flutter based native SDK for another native project.

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We have a problem to address. We want to transform out ionic based app to an Android SDK and want to use in a separate Native project later on. Which I found out to be not possible or extremely hard.

While figuring out if same can be done on Flutter, I found out that SDK or aar file can be created for a flutter module but can only be used in flutter created android project with the flutter app code.

I want this flutter lib based android project to be a library and export to another project. Can this be done as of now? How good is it to create SDKs from crossplatform language to use in native both Android and iOS.

4 replies

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I'm not sure whether that is possible. You can create a library either on Android or iOS native side and use it in Flutter, but not vice versa. For example you can use some Java/Kotlin library in a Flutter project through Platform Channels, but, as I'm aware of, you can't use a Flutter/Dart library in Android/iOS native code.


Sergio, we can do this with flutter modules. Just create the aar file using terminal or from UI of android studio and follow steps to add it in Android Project. You can follow official document https://docs.flutter.dev/add-to-app


I'm not quite sure what you mean, but it is possible to develop a cross-platform shared module using Flutter Module (aar / xcframework). This can be provided for use in native Android & iOS apps. With the integration of MethodChannel, bidirectional information exchange can be facilitated between the module and the native app.


Yes correct. We can do it with flutter module following add to app documentation of flutter https://docs.flutter.dev/add-to-app