In-app product return problem

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I own an app, in-app purchases available

The user downloads the application and then makes in-app purchases. I'm selling a radio coupon for them

After the user receives the coupon code, she returns the product

This puts me at a loss.

He both benefits from my application and gets her money back.

I am in great trouble, how can I solve this problem?

8 replies

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Use a unique code for every purchase. Track coupon codes that are used and unused. Do not accept returns on used codes. Disable any code that is returned. If you can't do all this, you need to calculate whether the cost of fraud is more than you make off the sale, and consider whether to continue selling it or not.


Unfortunately, once you get the code, there is nothing you can do. I cannot disable it. Is there a solution to prevent or make it harder to cancel the purchase?


I second the comment from Gabe Sechan. What I don't understand is why people have downvoted the question. Is this discussion forum / format not suited for this kind of question, and in that case, why?


There are still people who don't understand the logic of voting , can you +vote? I don't understand who voted and why.


The code generated by my application is not for me, it is the vehicle password, I have no way of canceling it after the person learns the password.

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This is a business problem... If you cannot cancel purchased coupons or prevent returns, there's literally nothing you can do about it.


Let me give you an example like this: For example, you forgot the pin code of your SIM card. I find the pin code of the card using the serial number on the sim card. Of course, once the man finds the pin code, his work is done.

It's not expensive actually, I only get $3, plus $1 after tax. Also can you +vote? I don't understand who voted and why.


It's a flawed business model. Back to the drawing board.. :)