react native app disconnects from metro but device is connected to adb

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To enable reloading on Android, I have to press 'a' for 'run' since 'r' for 'reload' does not work, and it shows a warning stating 'No app is connected.' To resolve this, I run 'adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081' and then manually relaunch the app. Only then does reloading and fast refresh work, but the functionality lasts for only a few seconds or minutes. I have to repeat this process for each change. Occasionally, it holds for a few minutes, but not consistently.

I attempted creating a new React Native app to check if there's an issue with my code, but the new app behaves the same way. I've already removed the app from battery optimization and kept the device awake, but these do not seem to be the root causes. Interestingly, there are no issues when connected via USB.

3 replies

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Metro connects via your Wifi from your device if it isn't connected via USB. Maybe your wifi is instable. Also, make sure your firewall isn't blocking any necessary ports.


ok setting local ip of device and port 8081 inside RN apk solved the issue. now it keeps connected the apk even after lock-unlock the screen of device.


Have you resolved the problem? I am also facing the same issue and it's getting so hectic to reload the changes and go through reversing adb port every time.