ChatGPT 4 - Anyone have any experience with it? How has it helped you as a programmer?

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Hi! Has anyone experienced any advantage to ChatGPT 4 over ChatGPT 3.5 for programming? If yes or no, please share!

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This guy has much more tokens in context. If you asking something hard with many options the GPT4 has much more chances to give you a valid and correct answer. But GPT3.5 sometimes does the same and faster. Context length it's the main feature that makes 4 better than 3.5.


Both versions of ChatGPT delude quite often and always treat you as if you are a complete beginner. Copilot works way better. So, switching from 3.5 to 4 did not give significant impact.

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We had many interns in our software company. First part of them was using mainly blogs, forums, SO, etc. Second part was mainly using chat GPT. Today, the first group of developers raised their levels and became juniors. The second group are still inters or they has already been fired. The problem is that every answer has a large context behind it. Interns, that were working without chat GPT have dived into this context and they are able to work on the project. Interns without chat GPT were limited to chat GPT, they didn't know the context, they were unable to work on the real project.


GPT 4, compared to GPT 3.5, seems to be able to solve more complex problems in my limited experience.

I often use it to help make SQL statements, beyond the common "select x from y". GPT 4 seems to understand what I say more so than 3.5, and creates SQL I can use, almost verbatim. It feels so refreshing to just write what I want to achieve in natural language, and have a usable CTE or something come out the other end. But to be fair, I also haven't compared the two that much, as I default to using 4, as it has always provided adequate answers for the most part.

The speed of 3.5 is great though. I often find myself waiting for GPT 4.


I haven't used chatGPT much for code but in my experience, GPT4 often gives me more correct and detailed responses than GPT 3.5. 70-80% of the time I threw the same question into both, they gave very similar answers, only GPT4 words its answer better and writes the example code in a way that is easier to understand. So overall I would say that GPT4 provides a better experience and often is more correct than 3.5, however, it is somewhat rare for the changes to be significant enough to make 3.5 useless. So if you have 4, use it, otherwise, if 4 is slow or you don't have access to it, use 3.5, it's not going to make a massive difference.