No internet access if AWS lambda is associated with any VPC

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So when AWS lambda function is associted with any VPC it looses its internet connection as per the information that was passed in this link here. And that is why we cannot access the ec2 recources if i use the boto3 libbrary using python. But how come we are able to access the S3 bucket though. Can anyone shine me with some knowledge here.

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For VPC to have access to the internet, you must have configure the Internet Gateway

Please check the below URL to see how to do this,


If you put a Lambda function in the VPC, it's in the private subnet. To allow the function have internet access, you would need to add a NAT Gateway.

If a Lambda function can access S3 but not EC2, these are the possibilities:
1. You don't have a NAT Gateway, but you have a VPC endpoint for S3 set up (meaning there's no need for the internet to access the S3)
2. You do have a NAT Gateway, so you can access S3 through the internet, but the Security group that's attached to your EC2 instance does not allow access to your instance


Your Lambda function loses internet access after connecting to a VPC. When you connect a function to a VPC, all outbound requests go through the VPC. To connect to the internet, configure your VPC to send outbound traffic from the function's subnet to a NAT gateway in a public subnet. However, you could check the internet gateway as well. More detail here


Yes, when an AWS Lambda function is associated with a VPC, it does lose its default route to the internet unless a NAT gateway or NAT instance is configured in the VPC. This is because connecting the Lambda function to a VPC is intended to facilitate interaction with resources within that VPC, which is by default isolated from the internet.

The ability to access S3 is due to the existence of a default VPC Endpoint for Amazon S3. To access other AWS services, you will need to configure additional VPC Endpoints. Moreover, if you want to give your Lambda function access to the internet, you will need the proper configuration using a NAT Gateway, as mentioned earlier.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to configure internet access for AWS Lambda in a VPC: How to give internet access to AWS Lambda in VPC