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Most Useful New PHP Features for version 8?

I'm currently working as a developer with the C# .NET 6 stack, and it has been a while since I've worked in PHP code. On a previous job, I worked with a PHP 7 codebase, and I haven't worked with PHP ...

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5 votes
8 replies

Which framework and language will be relevant in future

Hello fellow deves so I like to ask you guys , a new aspiring developer who just started his journey as programmer and want to get in Android app development which framework you will recommend him an ...

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0 votes
2 replies

Unable to create XCFramework with support for iOS Simulator on M1 machine and iOS Devices

I have been trying to create xcFramework for my xcode project which was generating .a static libraries. Although I am able to create XCFramework with support for iOS Simulators on Intel Machines and ...

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3 votes
8 replies

Best sandbox platform

What is the best sandbox platform you use to practice with new DevOps tools? I'm looking for a means of practicing DevOps skills in a way that won't destructively impact a production or rest ...

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3 replies

ASR models in Kazakh language for call centers

I have a large dataset in Kazakh. It contains decrypted phone calls in wav files and decryptions in txt files. This data set is very diverse. It contains recordings of calls with some background noise,...

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0 votes
6 replies

Utilizing transformer for Robot's path planning

How could I use transformer model for Robot motion planning? Most of the works in literature used transformer models for NLP tasks. Transformers have the encoder and decoder parts. Is it possible to ...

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1 reply

Transcribing project using LLM's

i work on a project of transcribing meeting into text and summarizing it. Can anyone illustrate me the lifecycle of the project, models and steps. i will be thankfull if you provide me the appropriate ...

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3 votes
5 replies

Robust Sentiment Analysis

Hello guys, I am attempting to do some sentiment analysis on product reviews. I have selected certain products aiming the ones with more reviews, so the results would be more robust possible. In fact, ...

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0 votes
2 replies

do you prefer developing for 1 framework or multiple? EXPO vs Xcode

Im getting started with Xcode, Im liking how Apple completes and shows hints for your code. But, it's limited to iOS, so, should I learn a limited framework? Or, should I be Multiplatform? like using ...

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4 votes
12 replies

State of flutter development

What do you think of the current state of flutter mobile app development and its future?

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1 vote
11 replies

with p12 and cert, how to create distribution IPA

I tried searching all over the internet but could not find a concrete answer on "how to generate distribution IPA if client provides you p12 and cert" I don't have Apple developer account ...

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0 votes
1 reply

Use virtual camera on physical device android studio

I have already connected my physical android device via android studio. Is there any way to emulate camera like a virtual emulator does but on physical device?

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12 votes
5 replies

Standard approach / flow of DevOps CI/CD pipeline for Mobile Apps

I am looking for industry practice for automating the CI/CD pipeline for mobile apps (iOS and Android). For Web apps, we use the below, where we generate white label artifacts from CI and while ...

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3 votes
4 replies

mirakl/sdk-php-shop more trouble than it is worth?

For a customer, I implemented an integration to bring sales orders into their system and used the Mirakl provided PHP SDK. However, I found it way more complicated than just writing normal PHP code to ...

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1 vote
0 replies

Exploring data annotation tools for NER: A comparative analysis

Through a comparative analysis, we aim to dissect and evaluate various annotation tools across multiple dimensions, shedding light on their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for NER tasks. ...

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