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Sending data from multiple REST APIs to a single kinesis stream and then load them in separate s3 storage path

I have multiple REST APIs for example one giving pricing information and another for product information etc.. in my streaming data pipeline I am sending data to a single kinesis stream from these ...
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Como escrever diretamente no S3?

Como posso fazer upload de dados (relatório) diretamente no S3, como se fosse escrevendo linha a linha pois usando serverless (lambda) não tem como gerar o arquivo csv localmente. Como se eu criasse o ...
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Calling Sagemaker endpoint using postman using temporary credentials

I have configured my AWS CLI to use profile using SSO. I have referred this doc AWS Documentation I want to use postman to call Sagemaker endpoint. Is there a way to do it. I tried giving my ...
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ActiveMQ Classic garbage/junk character issue

I am using AMQP protocol and python-qpid-proton library to build a Python application which interacts with ActiveMQ Classic hosted on AWS (Amazon MQ). When I send a message some garbage characters are ...
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How to Load External HyperLogLog into Redshift

Does anyone know whether it is possible to generate hyperloglogs in external programs like Spark or PrestoDB and then import the hyperloglogs directly into redshift and have Redshift properly treat it ...

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LocalStack: URL created by `awslocal lambda create-function-url-config` gives 404 Not Found error

EDIT: I have added my lambda function code at the end. Using LocalStack hosted in Docker on Windows 11, I have successfully bootstrapped my environment and deployed my ASP.NET Core (net8.0) Lambda ...
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AWS SecurityLake roll-up regions in Terraform

In the example usage on , the following region is set to "eu-west-1". The documentation is ...
4 votes
3 answers

Preventing Terraform from assigning reserved IP addresses to resources

I have a scenario where I’m using AWS server setup with an EFS and RDS setup. To enable high availability, I’ve configured a PCS cluster, and as a result, some IP addresses have been reserved as ...
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download the zip file of the layer

I am trying to download the .zip file of the layer. I tried this command to get the location of the third party layer that I plan to use in my lambda function. But the location URL is too long and I ...
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How can I list exported values from all of my CloudFormation templates?

I'm exporting the name of the stack and the URL of my Lambda function in my CloudFormation template. Outputs: LambdaInvokeURL: Value: !GetAtt Myurl.FunctionUrl Export: Name: !Sub &...

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Overcoming Front-End Back-End Coupling with AWS Event-Driven Architecture

introduction As a developer, I've always been interested in event-driven architectures (EDAs) and how they can improve the overall performance and scalability of web applications. However, I never ...
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Code Change Best Practices: Smaller Pull Requests for Smoother Merging

In today's fast-paced software development world, collaboration and efficiency are paramount. One of the key challenges new developers face is managing code changes effectively, particularly when it ...
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Always-on access for your data in Amazon S3, using cross-Region replication and Multi-Region Access Points (MRAP)

To improve durability of your data in the cloud, you should replicate it to multiple locations. For data in Amazon S3, it is automatically stored across multiple devices spanning a minimum of three ...
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Local development, testing, and debugging of serverless applications defined in Terraform using AWS SAM CLI

One question we hear from developers using Terraform and AWS Lambda functions is how to locally test the Lambda function. Here’s a great example — I have a simple terraform file with a Lambda function....
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Deploying a Kafka Connect connector on Amazon MSK Connect using Terraform

Apache Kafka has been growing in popularity as the de facto way to share streams of events with different systems. While Kafka itself provides the perfect durable log-based storage for events; Kafka ...
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