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More companies in the same API

What is the optimal approach for the following scenario? In the project, there are multiple user from multiple companies, each (company) with its own separate DynamoDB table. However, the API Gateway (...

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Can we have huge number of endpoints in same azure function or aws lambda?

In my organization I am noticing that people are keep on adding different endpoints in same function.cs file provided by azure. I am wondering is this correct approach for exponentially growing code? ...

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No internet access if AWS lambda is associated with any VPC

So when AWS lambda function is associted with any VPC it looses its internet connection as per the information that was passed in this link here. And that is why we cannot access the ec2 recources if ...

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which CICD tool should i use ?

well , i have couple of applications , one in node js and other one is in PHP laravel. Both code are managed in github .I have choosen aws as cloud. So which is the most reliable and convenient way ...

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Jenkins, Terraform and AWS

I am being tasked to create a Jenkins job that would enable/disable AWS Config logs for a few separate accounts(I am using admin access, that gets me to all the accounts). I am fairly new and so far I ...

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Is AWS Serverless web api or Azure Function is good for long running process?

I noticed in my team that complete product is based on Azure Function. Everyone is writting all business logic, event triggers, database input output transactions etc in same azure functions. ...

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Chicken-and-egg problem: best solution to create external user accounts for an API Gateway instance without manual creation?

We have an on-premise API we need to expose to external customers. We want to use AWS API Gateway and AWS Site-to-Site VPN to proxy external requests to this on-premise API. There will be ...

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Integrating SaaS/features to existing websites

Hello I'm currently exploring potential strategies for developing a feature that could be marketed and seamlessly integrated into second-hand websites. This feature involves backend calculations based ...

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How can I replace IPFS service with AWS S3 cloud to upload the NFT metadata

I'm using IPFS as a decentralized storage to store metadata for NFTs, which users set manually on the frontend by filling out a form. The metadata contains images, PDFs, and the name and description ...

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Assigning a Static IP to an AWS Fargate Task for Connecting to a Database Outside of AWS

I am deploying an application using AWS Fargate that needs to connect to a MySQL database hosted in DigitalOcean. To ensure connectivity, I need to assign a static IP address to my AWS Fargate task, ...

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Difference between AWS Lambda Reserved and Unreserved Concurrency

I wanted to configure an lambda which runs on frequent basis (Once in every 10 Minutes). Considering the unreserved concurrency there was cold start every time there was invocations. I updated ...

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What AWS architecture would fit this use case (sending 100 requests to external APIs)?

I have the following use case: I have API Gateway, receiving some POST requests with some data like email address. I need to use this email address, and send it one-by-one (not in concurrency!) to 100 ...

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AWS Mountpoint for S3

Hello Techexperts, Does anyone using AWS Mountpoint for s3 recently. I was looking into a way to put an entry to /etc/fstab so that the mount still alive after reboot of the ec2. Also is there a way ...

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How to inject API Gateway endpoint to my S3 static web site?

I build my infrastructure using Terraform, for AWS. I try to deploy my static web application, which I serve using CloudFront and S3 bucket for static website. I also deploy an API Gateway as a proxy ...

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AWS Amplify React app with Load Balancer connecting to ec2 instances hosting microservies over HTTPS ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Hi guys, I have a bit of an interesting setup that I would like to diagnose. I am having issues with ensuring HTTPS communication between my amplify hosted react front end and my EC2 instance hosting ...

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