Jody Bailey, CTO of Stack Overflow Joins Build On Answered Livestream

Do you have a question for the CTO of Stack Overflow? Let us know here, and join the livestream on November 22nd at 11am PT on twitch.tv/aws to chat with Jody!

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We're thrilled to announce that Jody Bailey, CTO of Stack Overflow, will be joining us for a special Build On Answered Livestream on Twitch, November 22nd at 11am PT! 🎉

Jody has an impressive background as the former Director of Software Engineering at AWS. Now as CTO of Stack Overflow, he brings deep insight into developers' needs. 💡

In this livestream, Jody will share his unique perspective on building platforms and communities for developers. He'll reflect on his journey from programmer to executive, and will answer your most pressing questions. ❓

Don't miss this opportunity to ask your burning questions! Submit your questions for Jody through our short survey. See you on November 22nd at 11am PT on twitch.tv/aws! 🗓️