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Can we have huge number of endpoints in same azure function or aws lambda?

In my organization I am noticing that people are keep on adding different endpoints in same function.cs file provided by azure. I am wondering is this correct approach for exponentially growing code? ...

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How to get the sizes of different Azure Blob Container inside Azure Storage Account on Grafana

I have a use case in which I have a Storage Account in Azure which contains multiple containers, and inside those multiple containers, I have multiple folders in which data keeps on storing. I have ...

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Using Azure AI for building a startup idea

I have just started using Azure AI and find it useful. How should I begin using it to put my idea to action? The idea revolves around using AI in fashion where I could figure out multiple use cases of ...

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Azure SQL Database: Does DTU Purchase Model have cold starts?

I'm pretty sure you guys are getting tired of my questions, but Azure's phone lines aren't working (according to the MS rep) and the information isn't clear. Screenshot below (in Spanish) from the MS ...

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Is AWS Serverless web api or Azure Function is good for long running process?

I noticed in my team that complete product is based on Azure Function. Everyone is writting all business logic, event triggers, database input output transactions etc in same azure functions. ...

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Issues with Resource Provisioning and Authentication in a Multi-Tenant Azure Application Using MSAL and Azure AD B2C

Hello, I am developing a multi-tenant application in Azure using MSAL and Azure AD B2C. I am facing specific issues related to resource provisioning and user authentication, particularly in the "...

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Is there a way for Azure Table Storage to send a HTTP request to an Express.js logic app on an object change?

Let's say that there are hundreds if not thousands of virtual machines on Azure and that I need to receive their power state once any of them are updated. I have a logic app on Azure using React/...

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Can I add (and do I need to) a firewall to an Azure App Service?

I have a SaaS web app hosted in an App Service. I'm currently going through some certification in the UK (CyberEssentials) and they're telling me that unless I "isolate your application from the ...

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How to deploy a web api from github to an azure web app service if the web app service is behind a private network

The issue is the web app service is on a private network. It can be accessed through the vpn but not directly. For public web app, I can directly push it from github action. However, this won't work ...

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Container Instance Exec API WebSockets

Posting from The API$subscriptionId/resourceGroups/$resourceGroup/...

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Private Endpoint and Private DNS Zone

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to clear some confusion I'm running with Private DNS zone during my azure learning. So I have a storage account called I also have Private DNS ...

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My notes on various annoyances and surprises with Azure AppServices - what are yours?

As a preface, I'd like to clearly state that I understand and appreciate the benefits of website (AppService) "isolation": ensuring that services do not have dependencies (intentional or ...

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Azure function with Servicebus trigger and batch enabled

I need to know how the azure function trigger will work when the messages are continuously being delivered to service bus topic. As far as I know, the azure functions gets triggered the moment topic ...

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Which type of tools should be used to monitor AKS?

What type of monitoring should be enabled for AKS? If container Insights is enabled, will it be able to monitor the API calls of the APIs that are hosted in AKS?

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Best way of storing Http Request IP related infos

I'm at the beginning of an solution design for a WebApp and I would like to get some opinions and guidance from you on where I should store below kind of data per "row"/"item" 1 ...

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