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121 Discussions
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php Developer Expertise

Uncover a revolutionary approach to weight loss at loLase weight lafayette. Our cutting-edge methods redefine traditional weight loss, offering a unique blend of science and personalized care. Say ...

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Snake Game i made using Python

# import required modules import turtle import time import random delay = 0.1 score = 0 high_score = 0 # Creating a window screen wn = turtle.Screen() wn.title("Snake Game") wn.bgcolor(...

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App can't access the root , Cannot run program "su": error=13, Permission denied

i am trying to build one apk using android studio where i am trying to create a buttom in the apk and while pressing the buttom it should execute one of the shell command like(su,ls). Does the device ...

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2 replies

renderDT coupled with datatable() inside it gives "No matching records found" although the colnames are printed

Hi - I inherited an R code from an ex-employee, that provides CRUD functionality for a table in Postgres. I have the data extracted (out variable prints the 30 rows in the console) and the ui ...

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5 replies

How to recognize the call is coming from the right mobile app

In mobile architecture ,the rest call goes from front to backend system then how do we make sure that call is coming from legit mobile app? for web we can use CORS to make sure that call is coming ...

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4 replies

Guide about android apps

I am a new member and I want to learn android app development. Can anyone guide me to where can I start?

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2 replies

Hyperspectral image classification.Please help me fix the error ,I have been trying to resolve the error since so many days

https://colab.research.google.com/drive/19z81eKDr9AUWWke38V5RilcdRecRINeo?usp=sharing import pandas as pd import numpy as np import os from sklearn.impute import SimpleImputer from sklearn....

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-4 votes
0 replies

Mobile video subscripttio based app

Hello guys, I need to develop a subscription based video application, Please share your suggestions on following, best way to stored and access the video securely. Native vs flutter for video player ...

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-1 votes
0 replies

react native app disconnects from metro but device is connected to adb

To enable reloading on Android, I have to press 'a' for 'run' since 'r' for 'reload' does not work, and it shows a warning stating 'No app is connected.' To resolve this, I run 'adb reverse tcp:8081 ...

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-4 votes
9 replies

with p12 and cert, how to create distribution IPA

I tried searching all over the internet but could not find a concrete answer on "how to generate distribution IPA if client provides you p12 and cert" I don't have Apple developer account ...

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-2 votes
2 replies

Dynamic Growth Models

I am trying to test the hypothesis of economic convergence in European countries. I have found that a consistent estimator is Bias corrected LSDV (see, Kiviet (1995)). I've seen that there is a ...

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6 votes
7 replies

Which hashing function is used internally in modern PHP to store data structures?

this question nags me a lot recently, I know that PHP <= 7 used the DJBX33A algorithm to store all its structures but when I visit the zend_hash.h file there is no information on what algorithm it ...

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3 replies

Regarding the recent low approval rate of applications listed on the Google Play platform

Recently, the approval rate of applications listed on the Google Play platform is low. Is there any way to improve the approval rate and survival rate of the application? Because many applications ...

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0 replies

Securing App Continuity - a real head-scratcher (for me) - help me find a solution please!

I have a complicated problem and am looking for a conceptual solution to solve it. I co-own an IOS and Android app that works with a automotive hardware device (eg a dashcam). The app is used to edit ...

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0 votes
1 reply

Are metrics to evaluate NLP QA systems somehow limited?

My question is motivated by the consideration that, AFAIK, metrics to evaluate NLP models, and QA in particular, only consider the "syntactic" content of the identified data, and not its &...

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