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116 Discussions
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Dynamic Growth Models

I am trying to test the hypothesis of economic convergence in European countries. I have found that a consistent estimator is Bias corrected LSDV (see, Kiviet (1995)). I've seen that there is a ...

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3 replies

Graphisads IPO: A Game-Changing Opportunity

Graphisads IPO Review Graphisads IPO Date & Price Band Details Graphisads IPO Market Lot Graphisads IPO Dates Graphisads IPO Form Graphisads Company Financial Report Read More:- https://...

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3 votes
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Which hashing function is used internally in modern PHP to store data structures?

this question nags me a lot recently, I know that PHP <= 7 used the DJBX33A algorithm to store all its structures but when I visit the zend_hash.h file there is no information on what algorithm it ...

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Uçak Modunu tüm API düzeylerinde programlı olarak Android'de

(Viewable by the author of the post and collective Administrators) Programmatically enable Airplane Mode on Android at all API levels I am a newbie student on the kodilar io platform. I am a newbie ...

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Regarding the recent low approval rate of applications listed on the Google Play platform

Recently, the approval rate of applications listed on the Google Play platform is low. Is there any way to improve the approval rate and survival rate of the application? Because many applications ...

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1 reply

CLGeocoder().geocodeAddressString( issue with some zipcodes

CLGeocoder().geocodeAddressString giving KLERRORDOMain 8 with some zipcodes device location in usa and searching zipcode of india but in mapkit that is working fine. is it issue related to sdk?

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0 replies

How to get cookie

class LLogInPage extends StatefulWidget { const LLogInPage({super.key}); @override State<LLogInPage> createState() => _LLogInPageState(); } class _LLogInPageState extends State<...

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0 votes
1 reply

Securing App Continuity - a real head-scratcher (for me) - help me find a solution please!

I have a complicated problem and am looking for a conceptual solution to solve it. I co-own an IOS and Android app that works with a automotive hardware device (eg a dashcam). The app is used to edit ...

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0 votes
1 reply

Are metrics to evaluate NLP QA systems somehow limited?

My question is motivated by the consideration that, AFAIK, metrics to evaluate NLP models, and QA in particular, only consider the "syntactic" content of the identified data, and not its &...

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Unable to create XCFramework with support for iOS Simulator on M1 machine and iOS Devices

I have been trying to create xcFramework for my xcode project which was generating .a static libraries. Although I am able to create XCFramework with support for iOS Simulators on Intel Machines and ...

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Create jsonl for fine tuning gpt from deeply nested

I am in Software Development with a keen focus on theoretical physics to fine tune an AI model with a GUT model for a ToE. JSON file was a chat gpt data export. Export contains serialized array of ...

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-1 votes
2 replies

TF-IDF , high false positives due to the different forms of the same words

if I have a large Arabic text with a word in different form of it (the same word has prefix added to it , suffixes , is in plural or singular) how can I when working with TF-IDF on this text , to ...

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2 replies

Android: "How to Handle Runtime Permissions in a Fragment?"

Hey community! 👋 I'm working on an Android app and struggling with handling runtime permissions specifically within a fragment. I've tried a few approaches, but I'm not quite getting it right. Could ...

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1 vote
2 replies

Is it good to pass big objects through the Application object?

We all know that passing large objects in android applications is inefficient, we need to implements Serializable or Parcelable and put it in a Bundle. So I'm thinking that is it possible to pass big ...

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-3 votes
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How do I connect a website as the administrator to an Android Studio application using Firebase database?

So I have this website for the admin and an app for the user, What I would like to do for example I would write an announcement from the admin then it would reflect to the application. For what I have ...

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