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116 Discussions
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4 replies

Wanted to remove warnings and memory leaks which are present in the file by using GitHub Copilot.

I'm using the GitHub Copilot plugin for the first time in Android Studio, and I would like to know how we can remove warnings and memory leaks with the help of GitHub Copilot. If it is possible, ...

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-4 votes
0 replies

How to build a custom sequence classification BERT model from scratch if you already have a vector?

I have a dataset where each sequence has say 10 words, these words do not include any special tokens as of now. I have the vector representation for each of these words. I want to know how I can train ...

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3 votes
4 replies

Enhancing PHP Security: A Collaborative Discussion

Hello PHP enthusiasts! I hope this post finds you well. Security is an ever-evolving concern in the world of web development, and PHP, being one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages,...

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-7 votes
1 reply

Loading a local video file from PHPickerVC doesn't work in iOS 17

I used PHPickerVC to load a local video files. It worked as well until iOS 16. However, getting failure for iOS 17. No problem with normal videos(most compatible), HEVC videos( which is recorded by ...

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-7 votes
1 reply

Stop auto compile on Xcode preview

Wanting to know how to reload or recompile preview only when after I hit save. It's possible to do it on visual studio code. I'm new on Xcode. I'm open to receive any other recommendation for faster ...

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  • 23
3 votes
7 replies

What is the rationale behind the empty $needle string behavior with PHP 8 str_contains?

I was looking at the answer to this question, and it was strange to me that the str_contains function for PHP 8 always returns true if the $needle parameter is an empty string. If the string being ...

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  • 4,200
3 votes
18 replies

Should a full stack developer know docker as mandatory

Nowadays I am often told that every full stack developer should know docker and kubernetes to get a job. Because day by day docker is becoming the vital part for the web development they told. I ...

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  • 1
2 votes
10 replies

Making $_SESSION secure

Premise So I heard that session and cookies in PHP can be vulnerable (not sure if it's true). So I had this Idea if I should encrypt those in my projects (mainly the framework I am working on). Idea ...

Hind Sagar Biswas's user avatar
2 votes
6 replies

How do you quickly learn a new project's large codebase?

Could you share the tools you use for quick learning of a huge codebase on a new project? 1. Software for building a structure of existing code with services and their communication. 2. YouTube videos ...

dearmisterrobot's user avatar
0 votes
10 replies

Why is my questions deemed as duplicate even though those other solutions don't solve my query/problems

So there was a problem I faced with openssl library of php, I checked other solutions but did not help or more like was not common with my issue. Then why is my post closed as duplicate? I even edited ...

Hind Sagar Biswas's user avatar
-3 votes
8 replies

In-app product return problem

I own an app, in-app purchases available The user downloads the application and then makes in-app purchases. I'm selling a radio coupon for them After the user receives the coupon code, she returns ...

yhackup's user avatar
  • 189
2 votes
8 replies

php and symfony migration to a new version

Hello everyone, I'm going to start an internship soon. My main mission will be to migrate an old version of php code to a more recent one and an old version of symfony to a more recent one. Having ...

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  • 17
-7 votes
2 replies

beginner programmer looking for some people to help me work on my passion project!!

hi! im pogostick125, im 17 he/him looking for a few people that can help me make my dream program! its a combo of a virtual helper and a interactive chat bot that you can talk to, kinda like chat gpt ...

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-2 votes
4 replies

Looking for Guidance on Implementing Figma-like Features in an Android App with Jetpack Compose

Hello everyone, I’m currently working on an Android application using Jetpack Compose and I’m trying to implement a feature similar to FigJam where users can create notes. The feature would allow ...

Alan Escamilla's user avatar
0 votes
2 replies

How make Azerbaijan language model for spaCy from scratch?

Hi I'm new to language module processing. I want to implement a model that will find answers to given questions in documents with which it will be pre-trained. I want to use spaCy for this, but the ...

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