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116 Discussions
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4 replies

Flutter based native SDK for another native project.

We have a problem to address. We want to transform out ionic based app to an Android SDK and want to use in a separate Native project later on. Which I found out to be not possible or extremely hard. ...

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1 vote
8 replies

Is there external tools for design android xml layout without android studio?

now android studio taking too much memory usages, using sample androidx project without native build it taking almost 4 GB RAM my pc has 8GB RAM it used 94 percent of RAM total. To prevent this, i ...

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4 votes
17 replies

Android Emulator is insanely resource heavy and I need a solution!

Hi, fellow developers! I'm encountering performance issues with my Android emulator on a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2in1 featuring a Core i7 chip. Despite tweaking Virtual Device settings and exploring ...

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15 votes
31 replies

Why do people keep shouting "PHP is Dead" always?

So, there are a lot of toxic devs who keep saying PHP is sh*t and is dead. It has no future etc. But for me, I really love it. So why do some hate it so much? And does it actually have no future? And ...

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0 votes
6 replies

Migration from monolithic structure to multi module structure

What are the points to be considered-best practices when transferring a monolithic project to multi-module Your suggestions and experiences will be appreciated.

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-6 votes
6 replies

How can i find good topic for writing blogs/articles?

Hello everyone! I'm an Android Developer, mostly building apps with Jetpack Compose. My company asks me to write blogs on kind of topics on which blogs are not written yet. So, i want to know how can ...

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0 votes
6 replies

Shared viewModel to handle user log in and register functionalities

Hey guys what's up? I'm building a personal project using the navigation Component, MVVM, clean architecture, and Firebase. I faced this situation: "I created a shared ViewModel between the ...

OFFICIAL_SEB15's user avatar
9 votes
11 replies

In your experience, what has been the monetization model with least user friction?

I was curious about what monetization models in mobile app development have devs seen most successful. Success in this context is not just amount of money made, but also user feedback. For example, ...

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  • 4,200
-1 votes
3 replies

Does the predictive back gesture work for transitions between fragments?

I am just testing the predictive back gesture on android and it seems like it only works for activity transitions and not fragment transitions. Is this true?

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  • 825
7 votes
3 replies

Standard approach / flow of DevOps CI/CD pipeline for Mobile Apps

I am looking for industry practice for automating the CI/CD pipeline for mobile apps (iOS and Android). For Web apps, we use the below, where we generate white label artifacts from CI and while ...

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0 votes
3 replies

input LSTM from LM

How I can pass generated vectors from LM like USE to DL network like LSTM, without tokenizers or words-based?

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1 vote
36 replies

IS Php Really hard to learn?

First, I want to know how can I learn PHP, is it really hard to learn because I'm from a mechanical background? What are the learning path of PHP? Even as a beginner, or for knowledge, how can I learn ...

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27 votes
0 replies

A CppCast podcast interview with Dirk Eddelbuettel about RCPP (2022)

I found this interesting interview with Dirk Eddelbuettel when searching for podcast episodes about R Programming. Dirk talks about the history of R and the RCPP library. I want to share this with the ...

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  • 5,187
-3 votes
0 replies

Liblinphone account creation

I'm a beginner in android java. I would like to create an account inside my android app that uses Liblinphone but there seems to be no option. By creating, I meant creating a new account just like you ...

thbglea's user avatar
-2 votes
6 replies

Is there any way I can log network calls been triggered from the App

As android/ios SDK developer I'm on my way to research if it is possible that I can get the network logs from the user app who is integrated my sdk in their android/ios project. Edit: Sorry, For not ...

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