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116 Discussions
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2 votes
11 replies

State of flutter development

What do you think of the current state of flutter mobile app development and its future?

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3 votes
1 reply

Open API generator for Android

What is your experience with the Open API generators for Android? I was playing with the Kotlin Gradle plugin, It is easy to use, but from the first glance it ran into several errors: There were some ...

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0 votes
2 replies

Why sudden drop of Both training and Validation loss in a transformer based mode?

I am finetuning a fairly a small model and I have seen some sudden drops after first step in validation loss and traning loss. Could anyone explain the reason behind it ? or is it a good sign? Step ...

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-2 votes
0 replies

For a HuggingFace custom tokenizer, how to deal with additional dataset after the first training?

I have a custom tokenizer (which has a custom pre-tokenizer, decoder and normalizer) trained with 10,000 sentences (the 1st batch of training data). The custom tokenizer has a vocabulary size of 2500 ...

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-1 votes
2 replies

Progressive Domain Model: Looking for Feedback!

Hey everyone, I recently created a blog post titled "Rethinking Architectural 'Best Practices': The Case for Progressive Domain Models". The post discusses the complexities of adhering ...

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1 vote
2 replies

Exploring Database Schemas: Recommendations for a Kotlin-Android, Cloud Firestore, Chat App (Discord-style)

I'm working on developing a Kotlin-Android Chat App with functionalities similar to Discord. I've got the UI covered, but I'm facing challenges with defining the structure and schema of the databases, ...

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6 votes
5 replies

When to define a new generic and methods vs simple functions?

R has a somewhat special object-oriented ecosystem in which methods belong not to classes but instead to generic functions. This can be seen as a more functional object-oriented framework that plays ...

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  • 329
-2 votes
3 replies

Is it necessary to convert your tokenised data into different dataset classed i.e dataset class from hugging face, based dataset.

I want to use a transformer based model but i saw many examples in that everyone is converting their dataset into a Dataset class. def makeDicts(data): dataset_dict= { # 'input': [item['...

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2 votes
9 replies

how can I get ideas to create apps ?

Hello Mobile apps developer , I'm have 2 years learn code to develop mobile apps , but I didn't I doesn't upload any apps on google play or app store , I looking to get ideas to help me to upload app ...

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2 votes
5 replies

Best sandbox platform

What is the best sandbox platform you use to practice with new DevOps tools? I'm looking for a means of practicing DevOps skills in a way that won't destructively impact a production or rest ...

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3 votes
4 replies

Icon/Logo for this collective.

I think we should also have icon or related logo for this Mobile Development Collective.

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2 votes
9 replies

Opinions about Lumen being replaced with Laravel

The official documentation of lumen suggests to use laravel because of ( for example ) octane (who has a big drawback: caches the bootstrapped app). Opcache could be a better choice. BUT, why ...

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0 votes
0 replies

Early impressions of iOS 17 (and iPad OS 17) for development choices?

Now that iOS 17 (and iPadOS 17) are out, I thought it would be interesting to see what people think of the new features (and APIs), esp. how it might affect the course of their development. Background ...

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  • 1,559
-1 votes
2 replies

What are the best architecture approach for mobile development regardless of platform either its hybrid , ios or android native?

Hi fellas, Can any body share a link to repos to study and discuss the best practices of clean architecture for mobile-specific domains? Templates of clean code on flutter is required!

Sharjeel Ahmad Siddiqui's user avatar
10 votes
15 replies

Where are other places for R discussions?

Where else is there to go for R discussion? I can think of: The R-help mailing lists - specialised into general R-help and the specialised dev lists, and also into special interest lists like R-...

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