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116 Discussions
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How to compile the PHP file in binary to speed up and secure the source code from unwanted changes?

I know there are PHP extensions for protect source code like IonCube, but I'm think abut some think like PHP Binary Compiler to compile *.php file to some thing like *.phpc , if your are familiar ...

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5 votes
3 replies

Is Web Assembly the Future of R?

As many of you are aware, WebR has entered the scene couple of months ago and I am eager to hear everyone's in-depth thoughts, potential concerns, and exciting possibilities that brings to the table. ...

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6 votes
13 replies

Are you missing Generics?

What's your opinion, on how generics would enhance code quality? What do you think, how much less code you need to write, for achieving same type safety (for example collection classes with add ...

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8 votes
9 replies

Dealing with Deprecated Functions After PHP Version Upgrade in a Large Project

I recently upgraded the PHP version in a large project, and I'm encountering issues with deprecated functions that have stopped working. The project is substantial, and manually changing every ...

qɐʇǝɥɐW's user avatar
-2 votes
3 replies

How to control the rate of change, so that there are less breakages, and the language becomes more stable?

I'm not coding full-time with PHP any more. When I started development, I worked with MFC and Visual Basic. I Learned PHP, alongside several other languages to a rudimentary level originally. One of ...

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12 votes
21 replies

What could be done to reduce Infrastructure As Code (IaC) complexity?

I've recently read a great article - Rethinking infrastructure as code from scratch - from Nathan Peck (Senior Developer Advocate at AWS). There, he questioned the infrastructure complexity, and the ...

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24 votes
30 replies

is jenkins still the winner of CI/CD space ?

I have not setup jenkins for a long time now, every cloud has its own CI/CD tool, https://aws.amazon.com/devops/ https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/products/devops my question for personal use is still ...

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-1 votes
1 reply

What do you think about Google Cloud Build?

Hey folks! I'm into Google Cloud Platform for about a year. An interesting fact about their CI/CD platform is that each step of the build is performed by running a particular docker image (a.k.a. ...

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-2 votes
4 replies

Potential use of quantum computers for CI/CD

Quantum computing, with its probabilistic calculations and the promise of solving complex mathematical problems, has been a hot topic in the recent couple of years. A number of serious advances in ...

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6 votes
29 replies

Which R is the "best": base, Tidyverse or data.table?

As the R ecosystem continues to evolve, a question that keeps being asked is "Should I use base R, Tidyverse, or data.table?" There may be some aspects in which one approach may be ...

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9 votes
3 replies

Are you using 2FA with your CICD tool?

2FA seems more and more prevalent with cloud CICD platforms: GitHub: "Raising the bar for software security: GitHub 2FA begins March 13" from Laura Paine (Director, Product Marketing, @...

VonC's user avatar
  • 1.3m
4 votes
3 replies

Do you think OIDC will be integrated in all CICD tools?

Gitsign implements keyless Sigstore to sign Git commits with a valid OpenID Connect identity. Do you see that integrated more and more in CICD tools? For instance, Buildkite ("Your favorite ...

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  • 1.3m
16 votes
28 replies

Most Useful New PHP Features for version 8?

I'm currently working as a developer with the C# .NET 6 stack, and it has been a while since I've worked in PHP code. On a previous job, I worked with a PHP 7 codebase, and I haven't worked with PHP ...

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-3 votes
1 reply

Doubts regarding ELECTRA Paper Implementation

Hey all, I was reading the electra paper by Clark et al. I wanted to know how the back-propogation is done given that there is a sampling step at the end of the generator part?

Srinjoy Mukherjee's user avatar
-5 votes
0 replies

Generate Testcases when provided with user story

I'm new to Generative AI. I would like to create a utility to generate possible test cases for a input userstory. How can I go about it. is there any out of the box opensource model can I use. I have ...

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