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CI/CD Content Needing Updates

This is a collection of questions, answers, and articles about CI/CD practices that are now outdated due to the fast-paced evolution of DevOps. When collective members find CI/CD tagged content that ...
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How do I use environment-specific vars / secrets in Github actions instead of the repository level?

I have set up environment-specific variables & secrets (not on a repository level): In my yaml file, I set it up like below as referenced to this answer: name: Run k6 tests runs-on: ...
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getting error EINVALIDTAGNAME npm ERR! Invalid tag name "^>=16.8.5" of package "^>=16.8.5 when upgrading node js

I tried to upgrade the node js from 14 to 20 . But getting below error when ran the first start command Error- npm ERR! code EINVALIDTAGNAME npm ERR! Invalid tag name "^>=16.8.5" of ...
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TeamCity's Finish Build Trigger is only triggered by builds in the default branch

I've seen many posts around this topic. Unfortunately, none of them seem to address the issue I have. Take BCA (Build Config A) and BCB (Build Config B), for example. BCA's default branch is ‘develop’,...
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Jenkins: Gradle unable to connect to MariaDB despite successful setup in Jenkins pipeline

(This is my first ever question, if anyone needs more info please comment) This is for a school thing, but I've been utterly stuck on this problem for weeks and no-one I know seems to be able to solve ...
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Playwright integration with github: [WebServer] Error: supabaseUrl is required

Im'm new to Playwright and I have been struggling with the integration with github. On the jobs executed on github actions I have the following error after previous jobs are passed: Run npx playwright ...

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Protect the repository hosting your GitHub Action

Cover photo used under Creative Commons It comes as no surprise that the tags and branches solution to version GitHub Actions is weak at best. There have been rumors of Actions moving to a different ...
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Publish Azure DevOps Extensions using Azure Workload Identity

As you may know, I maintain several Azure DevOps Extensions. To publish them I use the Azure DevOps extension tasks (if you need help configuring a basic CI/CD pipeline for an Azure DevOps Extension, ...
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GitHub Actions & AWS ECS CI/CD Enterprise Design

Designing CI/CD Workflows in Enterprise Repositories with GitHub Actions & ECS This knowledge article is supposed to provide the appropriate design of the CI/CD workflows in enterprise level scale,...
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